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Gaku HUEG Update

OK, so after all the small updates of late, here’s a really big one to compensate! And boy is it something! Clocking out at 8 releases, this one includes a new chapter of SaBND, works from famous regulars such as Haniwa and happy flame time, another manga by Shino-san (of Danbooru fame by now). Not to mention two volumes of a particularly naughty series authored by no other than Hiroyuki, of Doujin Work fame. Anyway, better get on to them, ’cause you’ll have a lot of reading in front of you already.

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity Chapter 15

The fairies are at it again, and not even midnight cold of New-Year’s Eve will stop them from planning a well-timed(?) prank. Meanwhile, at the SDM…

Note: Scanlation group U MAD is also releasing this manga, worth checking out the wiki or their site (NSFW) for more recent releases. (Read the article)

Great Fairy Wars English Patch v1.1

The first revision of the Great Fairy Wars English patch is now complete. This corrects several errors; you can find a full changelog below the break. Download the patch from this link; you can simply install it over your existing patch installation to update the files.
(Read the article)

Gaku Belated Update

Due to some technical difficulties, we kind of missed the update time yesterday, sorry about that. But here we are with,well.. not too many releases this time around, I guess. But anyway, there’s a new chapter of the Three Fairies manga, as well as the third part of Koishi The loving Gourmet, so I hope you can enjoy it!

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity 14

Fate is nothing if not a prankster for putting Cirno and the Fairies together in the last chapter. What kind of mischief will they be up to with their combined power?

(Read the article)

Great Fairy Wars English Patch v1.0 Released!

Great Fairy Wars English Patch

What’s that? Something special about today? The date, you say? Oh, is it the STRONGEST day?

Then what better day for an English patch starring everyone’s favorite ice fairy? Version 1.0 of the English patch for Great Fairy Wars is here! You can download it by clicking on the image above, or on this foxhole.

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