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Wild and Horned Gaku Update

So, a little later that initially planned, but nonetheless, here we have the first chapter of the new Touhou official manga for you! Wild and Horned Hermit, a collaboration of ZUN and Aya Azuma (who might or might not be Shameimaru in disguise) centered around the mysterious Ibara Kasen, a hermit who one day shows up at the Hakurei Shrine (because if you are a Touhou character, that’s the thing you do after all).

But other than that, we also have a nice dose of Eientei goofiness from Burnt Croquette and a second part to the Koishi, the Loving Gourmet series. So, enjoy!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 1

A strange relic shoes up in the Hakurei Shrine, and a strange girls appears after it. Who is this new girl to enter the Touhou canon? What are her powers,  what is her backstory? And what is her color scheme?

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Maristice English Patch Released!

As we put on our fatigues and head into the Great Fairy Wars, we’ve got a patch ready for a release from Comiket 77 – a doujin game by the title of Maristice. Patchouli’s had enough, and to make sure she’ll have no more trouble from Marisa she’s confiscated our favorite black-white witch’s hakkero and broom – which prompts Marisa to start her quest to retrieve them.

A puzzle-based isometric platformer, Maristice is a tribute to the NES classic Solstice. For more information, check out the maker @N-Factory’s website. Click on the image above, or on this link to download the patch.
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Gaku Update だぜ!

Hello, and welcome! For tonight’s update we have three new releases, but we also will be presenting six others that you might have not read yet. But anyway, the point is that all of these releases have a thing in common between them. Yes, I’m talking about our Ordinary Strange Magician.

Some say she knows all the digits of pi, and some say she’s crazy from all the  ‘shrooms she uses…  Some say that she likes to steal precious things, and that she carries a weapon of mass destruction inside her hat… All we know is: She likes to say da ze a lot!

Ichinose – Eternity

The final volume in Ichinose’s Marisa x Alice series (also known as the “crying Alice series”). But in this final episode – a moving story about the final challenge a couple must go through – you might find yourself being the teary-eyed one. If you haven’t read the six previous volumes yet, you can find them at the Wings of Yuri homepage, or in the Touhou wiki.

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Gaku Single Update

So, slow times over here, so there’s only one doujin release this time around. But don’t worry, by the next update the first chapter of the new official Touhou manga, Wild and Horned Hermit, will be most likely ready. In the meantime, here’s some Koishi:

Anatawo Haijindesu – Koishi, the Loving Gourmet

Koishi wanders around Gensokyo, tasting different foods from different places (not bothering with asking for it first). But why is she in such a journey in the first place?

Thanks to Furball and Mae for the work in this doujin!

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