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Gaku “Return of the Update” Update

And we are back! Not with all the releases we had in mind, but with a few good ones already, including a Orin doujinshi by Utsura Urara (of Churuya-san fame), another SDM-centered story by Millet Soup and a full-color 4-koma manga full of Yuka’s sadist antics. Hopefully, it will be enough to lessen any withdrawal symptoms you might have developed.

Utsura Urara – Orin Wants To Be Cared

A new pet arrives to the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Is little Orin going to get along with everyone? Can she carry all these corpses by herself? Won’t she get lost in the underground? Can you use the Hell of Flames to make smoked cheese?

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Since, unfortunately, it turns out all of the doujins slated for release this time still need some tweaks or fixes, and  to avoid scheduling problems I would have had for the next update,  I’m postponing today’s update to next Sunday.

We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and hope you may rejoin us next week when regular service is expected to be resumed. Thank you for flying Gaku-Touhou.

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