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Gaku x Gaku Update

This update is all about unusual pairings. There’s Mary x Sanae, Reimu x Sakuya and Reisen x Youmu (OK, this one is no so unusual). So, if you happen to be one of the few who previously liked those, this is your lucky day. If not, maybe you will start liking them, who knows? And even if pairings ain’t your thing, there’s still a Celestials meet Chireiden one with the good old comedic hijinks, not to mention another CiLR release further detailing the events of SSiB. So, go and take a look.

Official – Cage in Lunatic Runagate 06 – The Fool’s Sealed Letter

Bougetsushou’s plot, as seen through the eyes of a certain Lunar rabbit (one who can’t even count on her sex appeal) as she stands on the sidelines.

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Sound the alarm, you’re gonna be uncomfortably excited!

That’s right, you can probably guess what is coming in this update, and oh boy, is it – as the cool kids recently quit saying – epic. After a long time, WiZ-Garage comes back with the second part of his Touhou/Frank Miller (and  now MGS) cross-over.  And be assured that it contains the same amount of manliness, no… girlishness, no, not that too…  GRRRLINESS as the first part.

But of course, we have more for this  update. So let’s hope that this long-awaited release doesn’t overshadow the other great releases we have, like the announcement of a new translated chapter of Cage in Lunatic Runagate (ha, who am I kidding? Anything would overshadow CiLR. Even though I’m one of the ones in a dozen who likes it…), a MoF-themed work by Tako, a net-released story about poor Kogasa and more Kags x Mokou from canaria mint.

So check them out, those are not your ordinary doujins, those are TURBOUJINS!

WiZ-Garage – 30 – Middle Part

The doujinshi for people who need gratuitous amounts of awesome. After their initial victory, the girls of Gensokyo must face a more determined Kanako as well as more aggression and treachery. Kick-ass girls: this doujin has a lot of them.

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Gaku Moe Update

Another two weeks, another update. Chances are you’re still busy playing Hisoutensoku with the new patch, but nonetheless, here are six more releases, ranging from the cute and funny to… well, actually they are all cute and funny. Some even go beyond that, really.  So, if moe is not your thing… Well, there’s still a pretty badass story from Tohonifun, even if it’s not exactly full of grit and convoluted storyline.

Nipa-kupa – Nyarisu SOS!

Alice gets cat ears. There’s a plot and stuff too, but really, “Alice + cat ears” is all you ought to know about it. You do like Alice and kitty ears don’t you? And colors. Did I mention it was in full color? And that it has cat-eared Alice?

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