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SWRS English Translation Is Go!

TH12.3 - SWRS English Translation Patch

The English translation for Touhou Hisoutensoku is complete! You can download it at this link, or head over to the new patches section for additional patch notes – check the tabs at the top of the page or click on this link to get there.

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Gaku Simple Update

After the last big, two-part update, we’re back with a relatively small one. (In a way, you could even consider this to be the third part in 3-part one…) However, the releases we have still cover the serious and introspective kind, with the stories by Dr. Vermillion and Niwatori-ya, and the funny and moe, with first-timers Jalapeno Chips and Nofiragu.

So, without further ado:

Dr. Vermillion – Akizakura

Youmu can’t take her head off a single flower that blossoms in a most strange time and place.

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Gaku Double Update Part 2

Gaku Double Update II: This time it’s personal! With a vengeance!

Well, more like with 6 not particularly vengeful releases. But they are here nonetheless (and now that the server is back up, the previous part has been updated accordingly), so it’s just like getting a bonus update in between the two regular ones. And a BIG bonus update, for that matter, with equally good releases (it’s not like we kept the best ones in the first part).

Anyway, here it is.

Stripe Pattern – Love and Peace

Stripe Pattern’s version of Byakuren’s past, in which the tenets of her doctrine are taken to their extreme. Told in full color and full grittiness. (Note: Some strong violence scenes.)

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Revenge of the Return of

Not much to report here, just that the server for direct download of doujins is back up and running. The last two releases (other than the most recent, since it was hosted on the backup site) are available for download still, with the exception of the complete Inabas archive.

Thanks for your patience!

Gaku Double Update Part 1

Because either a “Easter” or “Downed” Update would have been too unoriginal. (Besides, an Easter update wouldn’t be the same thing without Inabas, and how many Downed ones we’ve already had again?)

But more to the point is that this week not only we still have an offline file server but we also… well, we kind of made too much. And I’m not trying to be tsundere again, we really have a ton of releases this time around (no less than 10).  So we held a crisis meeting (actually, I just exchanged some PMs with Ruka and also asked my cat for ideas – she was hanging around) and so I decided to use the backup server for now and divide the update in two parts, the second to come later this week.

So, anyway, enjoy this first serving, I’m pretty sure there’s things for all tastes here.

[Update: Main server is up again, so links are updated.]

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity Chapter 12

Let’s rejoin the fairies for the conclusion of their exciting speleological adventures in search of the elusive shining moss! (Err… It’s not as dull as it sounds. Really.)

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Touhou Bougetsushou Licensed

As some may or may not know, there have been a couple of people working behind the scenes to license some of the official works. Through some pushing and pulling, we have finally gotten some headway and may be making our first official release soon!

Read more to see the whole story.

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