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Torrent Archive Update

The torrent archive for all of the Gaku back catalog has been updated; for all of our seeders, 1) thanks so much for helping us get the doujins out and 2) feel free to connect up to the new torrent here.

Thanks for your patience, and the direct download gallery should be up by this weekend with the two most recent releases still available – for older work, just select the files you want from the torrent.

Thanks again to everyone that follows our releases! downtime

As has happened in the past, the load on the gallery server for has increased to the point that it’s causing the entire site to respond slowly. As before, we’ll be moving our current crop of doujins – minus the past couple of releases – over to an archive torrent. Expect to see a post here within a day or two with the new torrent link, and we appreciate your patience while we get our updates completed.

Gaku Spring/Autuum Update

We are now in what looks to be a reverse post of sorts to this one (season-wise, anyway). So, while there are plenty of people with reasons to dislike either Winter or Summer, I guess most people are quite alright with both Spring and Autuum. Well, unless you got pollen allergy, or have to rake dead leaves everyday or something. Then I guess you would have reason to dislike them…

But anyway, there’s quite a plethora of releases this time around, so whether you like the new season or not, you’ll certainly find a doujinshi to like here. I won’t even give the usual preview lowdown of what we have because really, it’s a lot. (Though ironically, none of them are about Lily White  or the Aki sisters).

RED-SIGHT – Pure Jade Anthocyanin

A touching story about the Komeiji sisters, their relation and how they have been dealing with their burdens in life.

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Gaku Bye-Bye Bunny Update


That’s it folks, more than two and a half years since the Inaba series debuted and we started translating it, and it’s finally finished! Was it really that long ago? (Yes.)

Even thought it was the “less official” and more inconsequential sister in the Bougetsushou releases – and possibly because of that – it was the most popular with the fans. And it certainly provided a new view on the Eientei residents as well as on the people who interacted with them during the series. So here’s a special thanks to everyone else who worked on this series: Solamarle, Pilpsie, Tetrominon, Trefle, Rukaroa and Yanfly. (・_・) b Good Job!

So, if you didn’t catch up with it while it was being released, you can get a compilation of all the 30 chapters, plus extras, in the link on the picture above. Otherwise, just keep reading for the individual link to the last chapter.

Oh, but lest the rabbits monopolize this update, don’t forget to check out the releases by UkiUki watching (if you are into lighthearted stories) or the one by Fuantei (if you are into heartless stories).

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Touhou 12.5 Announced!


ZUN announced the new Touhou game, numbered 12.5, in an announcement on his official website today.

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