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Gaku Tsundere Update

So, hum, yeah, here’s an update for you, but it’s just because I had some free time to type it up. Oh, and we have five new releases for you this time. But don’t start having weird ideas, it’s just… we just made too much and thought you might want some, OK? That’s all! It-It’s not like we did it specially for you or anything!

This time, there’s Inaba of the Moon and Earth back (but it’s not like there’s anything special about it, I don’t even like it that much… well, I do. But just a little! ), also back is Tohonifun’s epic Yukari vs Ran series (not like there’s anything special about it, really… ), a stunning Marisa-centered story by DEMOUR402 (Marisa is so overrated. I mean, she is pretty and confident and energetic and… no, forget I said anything! ), an old Winter Scenery work where their Rinnosuke-hurting gag started (Who likes Rinnosuke anyway? I mean, I sympathize a little with him, but that’s different…) and while ACID CLUB EAST’s Touhou Battle Royale finale is still not up, there’s another release with the same backdrop by Pageratta (It’s fine and all, but it’s not like I care for humour or colors or anything.)

But we are just doing this because it’s our job, alright? It’s not like we like you or anything.

But… but we don’t hate you either…


Official – Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth Chapter 28


With the return of the Watatsuki princesses to the Moon, Earth-Lunar relations are back to normal  and Gensokyo is safe from destruction by accidental fanning. So everything is once again peaceful at the Eientei. But for how long?

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Gaku Tiger Update

The Year of the ⑨ has come and passed. Now it is the Year of the Tiger Loli, which we can only assume will be presided by our favorite tiger loli youkai. And while the year is starting slowly, it’s not so slow that we don’t have a couple more releases to present.

Omchicken – Happy Go Lucky


An oldclassic doujinshi by Omchicken, featuring the Gensokyo girls on their usual shenanigans and just being, well, happy go lucky all around.

Sheep’s Place – Wind Roar on the Scarlet Moon – First Part


Sanae’s eagerness to play the proper role of a Gensokyo shrine maiden leads to her first visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. How will that turn out?

Thanks to  Lunachild, Furball, [Insert Something Clever Here],  JStar and everyone else!

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