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Gaku Holidays Update

So, after the expectation, here we are in an update just in the middle of the celebrations of Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Hogswatch (and whatever else you kids celebrate these days). And just as expected from the middle of a holiday period, our doujin releasing business isn’t exactly a-boomin’, but never-the-less we have a holiday present for you. So, take the chance and check out this Miko Miko Suika release we have, before the year ends (and the new Comiket 77 releases start coming out).

Haniwa’s Store – Miko Miko Suika: Defiance at the Hakurei Shrine


In the fourth installment of the series, celestial troublemaker Tenko Tenshi Hinanai once again comes down to the Hakurei Shrine to do what she does best.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our releases in 2009 . Thanks to all your effort, we got more than 100 releases (110, exactly) out this year!

And of course, thanks to all our readers and fellow Touhou fans. Here’s hoping for a great 2010, and even more Touhou doujinshi for everyone!

Expectant Gaku Update

I believe it’s safe to guess that, at this time of the year, a lot of us are pretty much just waiting for the holidays to arrive (unless you actually have your birthday in the middle of December, I guess). And, of course, if you are reading this it’s likely that you will be waiting for the next Winter Comiket to take place as well, with it’s avalanche of releases (and the bittersweet pain from the increasing backlog of doujins  waiting to be translated…). So, while you are expecting, here are three more releases for you, including the latest from FLIPFLOPs, one of the most popular Touhou doujin circles which was absent to the scene for a while.

FLIFLOPs – Far East Hallucination – Youmu Konpaku’s Chapter


In this long-delayed sequel to the last FLIPFLOPs work, we follow the daily life life of  Youmu, a young and energetic schoolgirl living fun adventures with her quirky schoolmates! …no, wait…  

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