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Gaku Uncreative Update

Because it’s time to post the update already and it’s late and I’m tired and really can’t think of any clever thematic title (Thanksgiving would have been too easy, and inaccurate), so that’s what you get this time. But well, when we take a look at all you get in this update, I guess it doesn’t look so bad. An epic Scarlet-centered tale by Demour402, the latest work from Can’t Fix the Helmet, the oldest one from Dioxin, and another installment of the Touhou Battle Royale series. I am sure you will find creativity enough in these works to compensate for the lack of it this post, so enjoy!

Demour402 – Here No More


A dramatic (and violent) story about Remilia and Flandre’s past …and about something very dear that they lost.

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Tiny Tiny Gaku Update

Yeah, today’s update is a tiny, tiny clever one. Unfortunately some doujinshi didn’t make it out of the QC phase in time for this update, so we only have two releases for now. But if you happen to be a fan of Hot Dog Chuck – of “Yukarin Gigabrows” fame – you’ll definitely like the first one. And if you were long expecting the next volume of the bloody Touhou Battle Royale series, then you’ll like to know that work on this series was taken up again and we have one volume up today. So just follow your dowsing rod to the links below.

Hot Dog Chuck – Chen and the Naughty Sushi


When Gensokyo’s first sushi restaurant opens up, the Yakumo seniors decide it’s time for Chen to be initiated in the secrets of the most famous of Japanese culinary traditions.

ACID CLUB EAST – Touhou Battle Royale Vol. 3


Third part of the series about the cruel game of death and betrayal, blood and tears…

Thanks to  Furball,  Aratta~♪, Moekou, Nameless Fairy and everyone else!

Another Dream 6B Release!

Yep, the artists have kept on drawin’ and they’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff for you good folks to enjoy. Please give it a read in your spare time!

AD6 Cover

Click here to download the release!
Alternate link.

Two art compilations and five comics in this issue. Thanks to all the artists who made it possible!

Gaku All Saints Update

Though you might have expected this to be a “Gaku Halloween Update”,  it so happens that it landed off by one day, and to keep with calendarly properness, we have no choice but to name this update after Halloween’s less popular neighbor. Nonetheless, we hope you have enjoyed your Halloween yesterday, and hope you can also enjoy this update, which although small,  does feature releases form popular circles such a One Night Stand’s Advent Cirno series, and happy flame time.

One Night Stand –  Advent Cirno Break Time


What do SOLDIER 1st Class Cirno and her friends do when they are not fighting for justice, but just chilling out together?

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