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As most of you have probably noticed, the doujin archives have been inaccessible for about 12 hours now. Some of you may also have noticed that the site’s overall speed has been a good deal better in those 12 hours. These two facts are definitely related, which is what brings us to this topic.

The doujin archives here at are definitely among the most popular parts of the site; currently, about 80% of the “business” we do here is devoted to providing these doujins. This is becoming a problem, though, as the high demand for them is making the rest of the site suffer rather badly.

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Strange Gaku in Blue Update (of the Moon)

And by this title we mean this is an update with all-official releases from Gaku-Touhou (though there’s some doujin releases from Wings of Yuri). But if from that you assumed we would have a new chapter of Silent Sinner in Blue released, then I’m afraid you are wrong. We have three! That’s right, three new chapters of SSiB, plus two of Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon and the conclusion to the first volume of Strange and Bright Nature Deity. Not to mention the four more featured releases from Wings of Yuri… All in all, it’s one of the biggest updates we’ve had.

Official – Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 16


Where were we? Oh, right, it’s Remilia’s turn to face Yorihime on the peach gardens. Meanwhile, Yukari and Ran sneak through the Moon’s seas and Yuyuko reenacts the Bible.

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Gaku Normal Update

There’s nothing strange about today’s update. If you came expecting preposterous releases involving crazy pseudo-scientific explanations for everyday occurrences, inane character-based gags, silly plots played with a straight face, deadly battles just for the hell of it and romantic innuendo between young girls, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. (Probably.)

With that in mind let’s proceed with our normalcy-compliant releases.

Official – Curiosities of Lotus Asia 18 – The Dragon’s Camera


Just how do those tengu manage to take pictures of everything with that “camera” thingy? And what does it have to do with rainbows, dragons and the elements? Luckily, Rinnosuke always has an explanation at hand.

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