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Gaku “Up” Update

So our archive is back up again and it’s once again time for a proper update. And for due properness (wow, I didn’t know this was an actual word) we have a new Inaba release, the latest books by Tako and Dai-Oki, plus three featured releases by Wings of Yuri.

And, since I don’t know what else to say, here they are:

Official – Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon Chapter 23


In Soviet Gensokyo winter is the high season for sea and swimsuits! And even if it’s not, who’s going to say no to Eintei’s beloved princess?

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Archive Revival

Thank you for your patience, everyone! While the gallery itself may not be back, the archive more or less is. For now, every file is going to be dumped in the same location until the admin figures out what to do. And here is that file dump:

The link has also been posted on the Touhou Wiki’s Comics page and Comics by Release page for other who visit there regularly.

If anyone would like to help redirect the zip links in the Touhou wiki to the proper address, you’re more than welcome to do so until the admin straightens out the plans and design for the archives.

Thank you for being patient m(_ _)m

Gaku Downed Update II

Even though the gallery and file downloads are still down, we still have an update to make! For now, the releases links are temporally pointing to  alternate download links, until the server goes back up (hopefully soon). [Edit: New archive is up. Links changed.]

(And since most of the announcements this time are actually releases from Wings of Yuri, we’ll be mostly linking to their site.)

Faintly Citrus – Insignia


Alice receives an invitation to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, for what will be a quite surprising reason.

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Site Downtime

Apologies for the downtime! Our gallery software was causing some issues with the site, and at the request of our webhosting company, the gallery has been temporarily disabled while we work on fixing it.

The problem appears to be related to the pages being hosted individually, so we’ll be working on moving the gallery over to a format with covers/summaries/zip links in the coming days. Thanks for your patience, and we hope to have the zips themselves available for you again shortly!

PoFV and StB English patches released!

Today, we have a doubly important scoop for the entire Touhou community at large! Not one but TWO translation patches have been released: Shoot the Bullet and Phantasmagoria of Flower View!

_\SHAMEIMARU/_ (Read the article)

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