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Gakuなのか~ Update

Quite a big update this time, and with quite varied releases. But if you asked me what comes to mind, I’d say it’s the fact that there are three stories of the Rumia-centered anthology Rumiac World being released at once, showing that even the little level 1 boss can be very popular at times, isn’t that so~? Amongst the other highlights are a new chapter of SaBND, one of the earlier Dioxin doujins and more Inu-Sakuya from Angeltype.

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity Chapter 08



Second and last part of “Spring’s Illusion”. Will Remilia’s plan to capture spring for herself work? And what are the fairies so surprised with?

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Wings of Yuri Releases

Recently, the Touhou doujinshi translation works of Wings of Yuri, a group specialized in translating – as you may guess –  yuri manga, has come to our attention. So we contacted them and they agreed to have their releases uploaded here as well.  We are now then archiving five of their previous Touhou releases.  There are a some others (more on the NSFW side) that we are not uploadig here, but you can look for them (and for their non-Tohou releases as well) on their site. Anyway, here they are:

Sayakata Tea Mansion – Yuyuko

Monster yakitori...(drool)

Yuyuko & Youmu join up with Suika & Yuugi for a gastronomic quest into the depths of the underworld.

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Gaku ③ x ③ Update

Not a terribly lot of releases this time around, there’s a lot of them in the works right now that didn’t make it to the update. What we do have however is Faintly Citrus ans Ishikiri back with their particular brands of moe, as well as an anthology short from Wind Road (of manga author Mamo Williams) with some Yuyuko x Youmu moe. (I guess this update should’ve been called “Gaku ③ x Moe Update”…)

Faintly Citrus – Missing of Red


Lilies (yuri) are the usual choice.

Sleep, dreams, flowers, funerals and… other things. There’s a lot that can happen in one night before dawn comes. (Warning: Some light NSFW content.)

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MegaMari English Patch 1.0 Ready!


It’s a bit slow on the patch front for the time being while we wait for UFO and SWR, so MegaMari turned up as a “why not”?

Click on the image or this link to download the installer.

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Gaku Bunny Catch Update

“Bunny Catch”? Why, that’s because in this update we finally catch up with all the released chapters of Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon! (SSiB should follow soon, don’t worry.) And since the Eientei features in five of the six releases we have this time, I think it’s appropriate to say this is quite the lagomorphic update.

Official – Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon Chapter 21



Winter comes around again, and the Eientei girls are out to have fun… and try to prevent freezing.

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