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Another Dream 5B has been released!

Another Dream 5A Cover

Another Dream 5B is finally here! There are 2 artwork collections, 4 comics, and 1 game demo. Please enjoy, and thanks to everyone for their work!

Click here to download the Release only

Click here to download Story of a Lost Sky v. 0.3.0 Demo only


Gaku Two Pairs Update

Two Inabas and two hft make for two pair, doesn’t it? Not sure if it’s a good hand, but it’s pretty good for today! Please enjoy~

Official – Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon Chapter 19



It’s Spring Cleaning at Eientei and everyone is pitching in! Well…almost everyone.

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Gaku GENSOKYO!! Update

If I could bold, italicize, and increase the font size of “GENSOKYO!!” in the title, I would since this update has got to be one of the most, if not THE most, badass update in a long, long time. Prepare for GLORY, INABA, SDM, and the UNDERGROUND PALACE! Tonight, we dine in awesome! (Okay, I tried.)

Wi-Z GARAGE – 30 – First Part



It’s Mountain of Faith told in the style of ACTION and GLORY! Grab some snacks for this first part of the movie doujin, it’s going to be an awesome ride.

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