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Replay Uploader Update Redux!

For the second time in as many weeks, there’s been a significant update to the Touhou Project Replay Archive – match replays from IaMP and SWR can now be uploaded and archived! Check out the main upload page to add your own, or the updated Vs. Matches page to see what’s been added!

Many thanks to mauve for his assistance in breaking down the IaMP and SWR replay formats.

Gaku 春ですよ!! Update

For those in the Northern hemisphere, Spring has come and the yearly Lily White barrages are showering. (T-T) For those in the Southern hemisphere, may you enjoy your Aki sisters~ There’s some good stuff today, so please take a look!

Official – Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth Chapter 14



Since Reisen’s doing such a good job, Eirin decides to take her out to have some fun.

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Replay Uploader Update!

Some long-planned changes to the replay uploader have been made; feel free to stop by and check it out here!

Read on for a full list of the changes.

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Aki Sisters Anthology Invitation

During Reitaisai 6, Talka received an invitation for an Aki sisters anthology doujin directed towards foreign artists (manga, music, writer, etc.) and has shared the information to anyone who is interested. There’s a minimum quality requirement which will be decided by the organizer, but anyone who’s a fan of the Aki sisters and interested should give it a shot!

For more information, please visit the thread: here.

And contact the organizer directly for any questions, please!

UPDATE (2009-04-05): Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in the anthology! For those participating, good luck!

Gaku UFO Update!

UFOs have stolen our time, and we couldn’t shoot them down! (;_;) Well, we managed to save some doujins, so please enjoy them!

Official – Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth Chapter 13



Eientei is getting some leaks, and a little frog seems to be the suspect.

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