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IaMP English Patch v1.1 Released

An update to the English patch has been released with some minor fixes. View the rest of this post to see a list of the changes.

You can download the patch here. More information can be found on this page at the IaMP wiki.

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Subterranean Animism English Patch v1.00


It’s taken us… actually not all that long to get here, but we’ve completed the English patch for Subterranean Animism! Click on the image above to download the file, then install away! Read on for a few patch notes.

NOTE: The patch has been updated to 1.00a; if you’ve had issues with the game locking up with a black screen on startup, download the latest version of the patch and reinstall. This update also fixes a translation error in Ending No. 03.

NOTE 2: The MoF patch has also been updated with the same black screen fix; if you’re having the same issue with it, redownload the patch from the original post or from here.

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Touhou 12 Announced

It’s Reitaisai season, and we all know what that means: new games.

This afternoon,  ZUN officially announced the release of the twelfth game in the Touhou franchise: 東方星蓮船 ~Undefined Fantastic Object. (Hereinafter referred to as UFO.)

Full translation from ZUN’s blog:

Commemorate! Touhou Project No. 12: Touhou Seirenbune

Well, scratch that. Don’t commemorate. Touhou Project No. 12:

“Touhou Seirenbune ~Undefined Fantastic Object.”

It feels the same as always, but I’ve fixed and balanced scoring. It’s fairly challenging.

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Gaku Inaba Fairy Update!

There’s probably no such thing as an Inaba Fairy youkai, but there are a couple chapters of SaBND and Inaba for this update! There’s a lot of other good stuff this time around, so please check them all out!

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity Chapter 06


Last time in SaBND, the Three Fairies decided to explore a supposedly-abandoned house in the Forest of Magic. They find Alice, but they may have gotten themselves into more trouble than they expected.

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Mountain of Faith English Patch v1.00a

Just a small update to the English patch with a few fixes.

Download it here or by clicking the screenshot from the original patch announcement. See below for changelog.

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PatchCon English Patch v1.0

Brought to you by a nameless fairy from the Touhou Image Boards, a PatchCon…patch!

The patch translates the prologue, ending, extra mode descriptions, and abilities of your troops. Make sure to open the readme included in the pack for installation and contact info for feedback. Credits go to a hacker fairy, Emarrel for image editing, and a translator fairy!

Click the image to start downloading!

Mountain of Faith English Patch v1.00

It’s taken us a while to get here, but we’ve finally completed the English patch for Mountain of Faith! Click on the image above to download the file, then install away! Read on for a few patch notes.

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Gaku Kappa Update!

It’s that time again (though there’s not as many releases this time as I’d like there to be). However! I’ve gotten wind of something big coming in the near future! I can’t say what it is, but you’ll know it when you see it~ In the mean time, please enjoy today’s update!

Official – Curiosities of Lotus Asia: Chapter 17

“The Moon and the Kappa, Rinnosuke brings out the best of his swindlersalesman abilities to convince Sakuya of buying a most unusual (and dubious) lucky item.
As an extra, he goes on a lengthy and very non-darwinian explanation of kappa evolution.”

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