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Touhou Popularity Poll VI

Last week, Japanese fans of Touhou Project cast their votes in the sixth Touhou Popularity Poll. This correspondent has translated the character popularity results into English, which can be seen here. In addition, participants were requested to respond to a survey detailing their gender, age, opinions on newer games, and other statistics, which can be seen here.

Those who wish to view the original can do so here.

Gaku TENKO Update!

It’s that time again and a Tenko update to boot! No, I’m not talking about Suppa Tenko, but Tenshi (天子) in a first-ever scanlated TEDDY-PLAZA doujin! There’s some other good stuff too, so please take a look!



Tenshi has a score to settle with Yukari, and the showdown will be in New York City! (…wait. What?)

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Reitaisai Information Leaked on P2P Network

In a shocking twist of events, insider information regarding Reitaisai was leaked on Japanese P2P networks. Reitaisai’s official announcement came on the 23rd of January:

“We have recieved reports from both within the organization and outside of it that insider information seemingly related to Reitaisai has been circulating on the Internet. We have attempted to investigate and verify these claims.

Leaked information includes:

1. Information regarding Reitaisai Operations

Materials handed out to Reitaisai staff during R2 and R3, records of meetings

(No personal information regarding participating circles)

2. Other Information

Information about other events, personal information regarding hobbies and interests, etc.

This security breach was caused by a computer virus which infected a staff member’s personal computer and leaked the aformentioned files onto a P2P network. We sincerely apologize for any trouble this has caused. We will be more prudent in the future regarding information security and management.”

Currently, there are no plans to cancel Reitaisai, which will occur on the 8th of March, 2009. Fears that Reitaisai 6 may be cancelled are fueled by recollections of Sunshine Creation 43, which was recently cancelled due to a similar, but more severe, information leak in which personal information regarding participating circles was leaked.

Another Dream 5A has been released!

Another Dream 5A Front Cover

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! Another Dream 5A has been released, and it’s a goodie, with 9 (count ’em) quality pieces of fanfiction! You’d best push aside any pre-conceived thoughts of the quality of fanfiction, as the stories contained herein are all quite enjoyable and certainly of a much higher quality than your standard poor-grammar wishful-thinking-pairing lemon. For those that enjoy AD for its art, Erroneous Paradisaical Inception, Scarlet Memories and Imperishable Memories of the Heart all contain excellent artwork to enhance your reading experience (to say nothing of the wonderful cover pages!).

Click here to download the release. (Many thanks to UsuallyDead for hosting!)

Mirror Link

Gaku Gallery Update 2!

For this update, we have 4 releases as well as a new beta gallery! Since the last gallery pretty much killed the site due to an unknown error, the guys have been at it again to remake the gallery (hopefully for the better)! There are some known issues with the beta gallery, but it was given the OK for other people to try. Whatever issues you may find or any suggestions that you may have, please drop a comment and the gallery team with assess them. Known bug issues are listed within the post.

God’s Children’s Day


Sanae’s first meeting with Alice has her pulled by the strings (of her heart).

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Happy New Year 200⑨!!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all your support in the past year, and we hope you look forward to this new year!

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