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Touhou Anime Set to Release During C75

DVD Cover

Finally, after years of teaser trailers, Maikaze‘s doujin Touhou anime, titled 夢想夏卿 (Musou Kakyou), is finally due out at Comiket 75, on Monday, the 29th of December.

Multiple controversies have surrounded the announcement of the anime. Most notably, ZUN himself voiced his displeasure and slight concern on his blog, citing concerns that doujin anime may be misinterpreted as official goods. He was also concerned that the rapid expansion of the Touhou franchise will lead to a slew of Touhou fans who haven’t played the actual games at all.

To make matters worse (for ZUN, that is), high-profile seiyuu have been hired to voice the main characters. Where Maikaze got the connections or the money to hire said seiyuu remains a mystery. Here is the cast list, along with other notable roles each seiyuu has played before:

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Gaku Christmas Update!

Merry Christmas everyone! Well, it’s a little early to actually say that, but considering the timing of these things, now is a good time as any. So to celebrate, here’s a Christmas present to everyone! We’ll see you again for the next Gaku Update in the New Year!

A Deep, Deep Puddle

Spinning, spinning, forever spinning… Can a curse god be saved?

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Gaku Weird Update

It’s that time of the year again for many who are still doing classes! Right, FINALS, which is also partly why the releases and actual progress work has been a bit wonky. Hopefully things will pick up during break…or maybe not with Christmas around the corner. Wow, busy times. Anyway, we have 4 releases for this cycle including the long-awaited FLIPFLOPs Summer!

The Young Girl and the Little Girl of Moriya

One thing led to another and well…you get little Sanae!

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