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Gaku Near-Official Update!

This update is gonna be a treat since it’s mostly official Touhou material, both in comic and literary format. So, for those of you who missed Silent Sinner in Blue and Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, we have one new release of the former and three of the latter. And for those who follow Rinnosuke’s daily life in Curiosities of Lotus Asia, we have one newly translated chapter, and an old double chapter that wasn’t properly presented before. (Links to the ZIP files and wiki pages in the preview pictures.)

Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 15

The danmaku duels on the Moon continue, and now it’s Marisa’s turn to show Yorihime and everyone else what her danmaku is made of! (Of something sweet, it seems.)

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Gaku Proper Update

Those last two weeks were kinda slow on the releases, but it’s update day and things must be done properly! So in the end we managed to squeeze in five updates for today, including edits of both very recent and very old doujins. Not bad at all if you ask me. So let’s go to them (links to the ZIP files embedded in the preview pictures):

Cold-Afflicted Marisa

Marisa is up with a cold, and Rinnosuke, always the gentleman, is willing to nurse her back to health with no second intentions whatsoever. Warning: Some pages may have NSFW pictures or language.

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