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Gaku Men’s Beer Update

It’s that time of the, uh… bi-week again! This time we have eight new releases, including (but not limited to)  WiZ-Garage’s “Cho-Yuka”, the first translated (and diabetes-inducing) doujin by the music circle HAPPY CLOVER, recent releases by Clash House and Ishikiriba and even two stories about Rumia. So, let’s get to them:

The Girl’s Dreams Disappeared in a Flower Field

Yuka’s flower field gets commandeered by two strange women(?), one of which claims to be Yuka herself(!?). Warning: “It’s a pretty Yuka on the cover, but the contents are muscles, muscles, MUSCLES!

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Gaku-Touhou 1st Anniversary Update!

On October 10, just a few days ago, reached its first birthday! I don’t know what stats we have, and it really doesn’t matter to be honest. The fact is that I’d like to thank everyone for their support and assistance for this past year. There’s been quips and complaints here and there about certain projects being done and not being done, but those translated are and will be finished eventually. So for those who have been patient, thank you. Literally, hundreds and maybe even a couple of thousand hours of combined work put together by all of those who wish to help bring the scanlations to all fans make this place what it is. I’d also like to add thanks to those mysterious scanners where the raws come from, and even before that, the circles that made them even though what we’re doing is questionable itself. For all that, I’d like to thank all of you and your hard work. m(_ _)m No words (or emotes) can describe how grateful and blessed I feel for everything that’s been accomplised.

Well, enough monologue from me, there are 6 releases I’d like to announce for today. No gallery links, sorry. Seems there’s still some bugs with it.

Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapter 10

“‘Higan Flowers of Muenzuka’ is all about grave-robbing… I mean, grave-visiting.”

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Reitaisai 6 Announced

According to Reitaisai’s official website, Reitaisai 6 has been formally announced.

It will take place on the 8th of March, 2009, at the Tokyo Big Sight. Veterans of the fandom will probably find this odd, as Reitaisai is usually held in late May. Last year was the first year Reitaisai had been held at the Big Sight, and only one hall was booked, supposedly due to the existence of another conference in the other halls. Some speculate the move was made in order to ensure that all halls could be used for Reitaisai, as there were serious mobility and crowding issues last May.

Whether or not ZUN will have a demo of Touhou 12 (which currently remains completely unnamed) ready at R6 is currently up in the air. No official comment from ZUN or the organizers of Reitaisai have been made as to the true nature of the move. In any event, the gap gives artists and musicians more than 4 months’ time to produce more work before Comiket, significantly elongating the break period between Reitaisai and Comiket.

Unfortunately, another planned Touhou-only doujin convention, Gensokyo Hounousai, originally set to take place on March the 15th in Nagoya,  has been cancelled due to Reitaisai’s new time.

We will be keeping track of any official news from ZUN or the organizers of the event, and we will announce any sort of demo for TH12 if one is to be unveiled at Reitaisai.

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