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Gaku Mahjong Update!

That’s right, Variant Youyoumu 2 is finally done in full including the mahjong section! We also have Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 13 this time around!

Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 13

Like the youkai on Earth, it seems Yorihime has some tricks that’s giving the crew some trouble. How will they get out of this?

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IaMP English Patch Out!

It’s finally here! After months of work, a few hardworking, dedicated IaMP fans have finally graced the general community with the final version of the English IaMP patch. You can get it here.

Also released with it is the final version of the netplay client Cowcaster, which you can obtain here.

Currently, the group has no plans to translate Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Enjoy!

Gaku End of C74 Update!

So apparently, the usual circles haven’t really released anything this time around, but we do have some doujins today from a few favorites!

The Strongest Legend of Cirno

Cirno’s the strongest! ……only if she can beat Hina first.

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Gaku Maybell Update!

Oh wow! It’s already August, folks! Pretty soon this month, C74 will take place, so please keep an eye out for any releases from your favorite circles old or new and let us know about it for (hopefully) a future news update!

Eastern and Little Nature Diety Chapter 5

Reimu found an unsually large egg right on her shrine, but what exactly is it?

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