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Gaku Lunar Landing Update!

Ok, so the SDM crew reached the moon in the last update, but it really is the Lunar Landing anniversary today! We’ve got a special release this time include some Nature Diety, Inabas, and hft flashes!

Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth C72 Special

In summer, you just got to have flowing noodles!

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Gaku 876 Update!

2008, July 6! Well…nothing too special happening today……except for an update! Silent Sinner in Blue is back, another chapter of Inaba is up, and a hoard of other doujins! Also, please read past the “thank yous” for some news.

Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 12

The SDM crew finally lands on the moon, and already, a scuffle with the lunarians begins!

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Subterranean Animism v. 0.02a

The newest version of the SA demo is now available from ZUN’s blog. In addition, the official release is planned for Comiket 74.

The update fixes a few glitches and provides some general tweaks. You can find the download here. Enjoy!

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