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New Releases, Round Two: Touhou 11 Announced

SA Menu Screen

Following up Tasofro‘s Scarlet Weather Rhapsody release annoucement, Team Shanghai Alice has revealed that a playable demo of Touhou 11 will be available for purchase during Reitaisai 5.

The new game, 東方地霊殿 ~Subterranean Animism. will most likely feature only Reimu and Marisa. For more details, here’s the actual announcement post from Shanghai Alice’s blog:

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New Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Demo + Release Announcement


Twilight Frontier, makers of Immaterial and Missing Power (in combination with Team Shanghai Alice), have released an official demo for Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, their new fighting game, along with announcing that the full game will be sold on May 25th at Reitaisai 5.

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Gaku O.O Update!

Sorry for the slow releases this past month, folks. Life has been unusually busy for a lot of us, but we should be able to pick up again for the summer. For now, we have 5 releases for you! (Click Read the Article to see the rest of the post.)

Cold Wind but Warm Winter

It’s happy flame time…time! Winter coming in has everyone acting loopy with cherry pie cursings and Master Spark reflecting!

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Silent Sinner in Blue Ch. 12 Delayed

Silent Sinner in BlueThe next installment of Silent Sinner in Blue, the serialized manga drawn by Aki★Eda and written by ZUN as part of the Touhou Bougetsushou series, will be delayed by at least a month. In a recent blog post, Aki★Eda cited health concerns forcing her to halt work on the manga temporarily, with two doctor’s visits for neck, back, and shoulder problems.

Here’s hoping she feels better soon, and we’ll have the English translation for the manga as soon as it becomes available as always.

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MARIARI v0.85 released!

The newest version of Marisa and Alice, 0.85, is out, featuring a few gameplay tweaks and the addition of another world.

Your goal, as Shanghai, is to guide a blindfolded (blind-hatted?) Alice to Marisa. Using your mouse to guide the doll, you can control Alice’s movement, and manage a variety of blocks and obstacles.
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Gaku Launch Update!

Business has been a little slow lately mainly due to life and needing a break, but we still have 5 releases for you this time! (Click Read the Article to see the rest of the post.)

Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 10

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for! The rocket finally lifts off and goes to the moon! While this amazing feat by the Scarlet Devil Mansion occurs, what murmurs can be heard in Eieintei? Also, please support the manga!

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Silent Sinner in Blue Tankobon

On April 9, 2008, Silent Sinner in Blue got its first Tankobon release! The book itself contains the first 9 or 10 chapters of SSiB in a MUCH better quality than the magazine scans that readers have been accustomed to. This is a very exciting time as far as the Touhou history goes, we would like to encourage you to support the manga by getting yourself a copy! For more information, please click the “Read the Article” link below.

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