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Another Dream 3 Released!

Another Dream 3 has been released. Lots of Western artists have contributed this time around. Some returning, some new. There’s a decent amount of new fan-material made. The titles this time around are Prelude to a Tranquil Spring, Love Coloured Puppeteer, Shadow of Cirnobyl Chapter 2, Awareness of Passing Clouds, Dreamer’s Phantasmagoria, Unusual Spirit Memorial, A Touhou Valentine, Usually It Doesn’t Turn Out Like this.

You can check out the doujins within the gallery.
For a quick link to the arrange album by Solamarle included in the issue, you can get it here.
The full zip can be found here.

And please be sure to check out the Another Dream website.

Gaku Valentine’s Update!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! …eh? Valentine’s was three days ago? Why does no one tell me these things? (>_<) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this cycle’s releases!

Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 08

Previously in Silent Sinner in Blue, the Watatsuki sisters received a message from Eirin about invaders from Earth. Now the moon’s defense force needs to train for the upcoming battle, but will they be able to fend off the invaders?

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Japanese Touhou Wiki Poll

The Japanese Touhou wiki is running their annual popularity contest; it’s open to voters from outside Japan, as well, although registration is required to vote. The voting consists of three sections – characters, music, and a survey of your experience with Touhou.

Thanks to assistance from the Nameless Fairies on the imageboard and Pilpsie, we’ve got a guide to help you through all of the registration and voting process.

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Gaku Super Bowl Update!

Oh hey, the Super Bowl is today and we’re doing an update. What a coincidence! We have a good batch of releases for you this time including a much anticipated doujin!

Advent Cirno -StarDust-

The Advent Cirno saga continues and Yuffie Marisa is on the scene!

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