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Chilly Gaku Update~

Well, it is cold depending on where you are, but that’s got nothing to do with this update! As promised, we have a huge update for you this time!

Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 07

The moon rabbit that visited Reimu finally returns to the moon capital with Eirin’s message in hand, but how will she deliver it and keep her visit to Earth a secret?

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Gaku New Year Update!

That’s right! It’s the first update of the new year! \(^o^)/

However…with Christmas, New Year’s Day, and C73 going on these past two weeks, all we have are these three to offer. We’ll definitely have more for next time though! You can count on that!

Touhou Fanbook vol1 – It Is Not a Dream

The long awaited release of Aki Eda’s first Touhou fanbook reveals the beginnings of Reimu and Marisa’s relationship.

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