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Lucky Gaku-Touhou Update!

By a lucky update, we mean we have 13 doujins for your reading pleasure!

Silent Sinner in Blue – Chapter 5

With the rocket’s exterior finished, only one thing stands between Patchouli and gravity.

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Flash Update 2007/11/15

Okay, here’s the first Flash update! What you should expect in this is all the latest Touhou works done on flash, obviously.

Lucky☆ Star parody

First up, we have this surprisingly well done parody of the well known intro to Lucky☆ Star, though instead of featuring school girls, they have been replaced with the Three Mischievous Fairies of Eastern and Little Nature Deity fame.

Lucky Star Parody 1

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Another Dream Issue 2

It’s a little late, but Another Dream Issue 2 has been released!

If you’re new to what Another Dream is, it’s a Western Touhou doujin circle that anyone can contribute to. It’s not limited only to manga doujins but includes artwork, music, and games! For more details, please check Another Dream’s site or visit the forums.

Click the image below for Issue 1:

Another Dream Issues can also be found in the gallery as the group releases their works.

Gaku-Touhou Update!

We’ve got some fun doujins for you this round!


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Notes on ZUN’s Genyou Denshou Lecture



ZUN’s lecture at Hitotsubashi University has been concluded, and the reports are in! Thanks go to those who provided notes, and a huge thank you to Solamarle for translating and compiling the Japanese summaries for us.

For the Readers’ Digest version: ZUN spoke on the construction of MoF, including the folklore that forms much of the game’s foundation and the reasoning behind creating another new game after PoFV. He’s also revealed that he wants to try to reproduce the MoF schedule next year, with a demo release at Reitaisai (5/25/2008, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight) and a final release at Summer Comiket. 

ZUN went on to talk about the entirety of Touhou as a body of work, including games, CDs, and manga. He doesn’t consider Touhou as a series, since to him that carries a connotation of shoving out another new game with the same title just to gain sales. He also addressed some rumors of a Touhou anime, indicating that it’s not terribly likely just from the amount of creative work that’d be involved, as well as possible copyright complications.

The final part of the lecture again reviewed ZUN’s opinion on the changing state of the gaming industry, particularly in regards to commercialization; going from the early NES days where creativity was widespread, to growing commercial concerns with the SNES, a return to more innovation with the Playstation and the slow slide into commercialization that we’re seeing now. His final thoughts were to encourage everyone to make games who’s got an idea, and for fledgling developers to stick to their projects and see them come to fruition.

You can click on this post to read the entirety of Solamarle’s summary.

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~Alf Layla wa Layla~ Promotion Video

Earlier today, ~Alf Layla wa Layla~ headed by Genocide Kitten released a promotion video for their collaboration. It’s shaping up to be quite promising, and the music used in the video is quite classy~

Touhou BGM Changer

A new tool that allows you to change the BGM for all of the Windows Touhou games has been released!

Touhou BGM Changer

The editor will allow you to supply new BGM tracks for any of the Windows games; the tables on the page give more information about the looping points in each track, to help you make the new BGM loop seamlessly.

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