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We have a nice boat-load of doujins for you this time!

Door Door Door

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Suika’s Drinking Problem

There’s a new flash over at!

Another flash by KirbyM and displaying a little “adventure” Suika’s going through to overcome her “alcohol addiction.” Click here to view it.

Also, the make-you-own-Touhou-character creator has been updated again. Click here to create your own character.

閃光映夜祭 – Glimmering Night Parade (Updated)

閃光映夜祭 - Glimmering Night Parade

閃光映夜祭 – Glimmering Night Parade, the Flash-based danmaku game, has been updated with an Extra stage. For those not familiar with the game, it combines the bombing system of Mountain of Faith with many gameplay elements (most notably the team dynamic) from Imperishable Night.

Currently, the game includes 6 stages with A and B endings, an Extra stage, and spellcard practice, unlockable when you defeat Extra. Progress in the game is saved between attempts, so it’s not necessary to unlock various elements each time you play.

IaMP Random Color Generator

For all you palette swapping IaMP fans, Mauve has created a random color generator! Click here to view it!

Here are some examples of what to expect!

If you like a palette on the random color generator page, just click it and you can save it~

News from ZUN!

ZUN has updated his blog, with information that isn’t JUST about beer!

…although the beer does come first.

Of note for fans, ZUN does announce his intention to release a patch for Mountain of Faith, although there’s no real estimate of when the patch will be out other than “soon”. Following the patch, though, he’ll be starting work on the next game.

In addition, he will be appearing at a lecture at Hitotsubashi University on November 3rd, speaking about serialized games (and how Touhou is not one of them!) More information about the lecture can be found on the sponsor’s home page:

ZUN’s blog can be read here.

Thanks to Solamarle, Pilpsie, and furball for assistance with translation.

Gaku Gensyo-PO!? ξ•∀•)

We have 5 releases for you all today!

Can’t Fix the Helmet – False Bamboo Sprout in the Miso Soup

False Bamboo Sprout

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東方烈華伝 ~ rift in a friendship game – v3.03 Patch Released

東方烈華伝 ~ rift in a friendship game

LION HEART has released a new patch for Rekkaden, which will update the game to version 3.03. The patch primarily contains some character balance tweaking and bug fixes.

Among the fixes listed in the patch notes are corrections to the Flandre’s basement stage and fixes on the character and stage select screens.

The patch can be found here. Users without 3.0 or its successors should download the full file, while those on 3.0 or greater can download the smaller

Discuss this on the forum.

東方双六伝 – Touhou – Summoning a Pair of Sixes

There’s a Touhou RPG found on Coolier made using RPG Maker 2000. The game is pretty basic. You choose a character, you wander around on a Mario Party type map, and then you fight monsters until you reach your destination. And sorry, it’s only in Japanese, so having an RPG/Party Game won’t really do English speakers much good. However, it’s worth taking a look at.

Download the game here.
You may also need to download this to run it.

Official Opening!


It’s’s official opening!

For those that have been visiting the site, thank you for being patient with us as we were getting setup! For those who are new (and possibly even regular visitors), here is a brief explanation of what you can expect from this site:

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IaMP CowCaster Update 071010

We have yet another CowCaster update! Click here to download and read information.

This time, characters have up to 4 custom color palettes and are transferred between players! Read more below:

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