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Gaku Semi-Downed Update

The servers and torrent tracker are not completely up yet, but we can at least host the latest releases. So for now we have a four-release update, with more completed chapters of CoLA and SSiB. (Chapter 19 of both, coincidently, plus two doujin features. Also, the Gaku releases of the previous update are back up as well.

Update: The torrent is up at NyaaTorrents. If you don’t want to download the whole archive, remember to use a Bitorrent client that allows downloading specific files, such as µTorrent. (And remember:  m9(°Д°) We want YOU to help seeding~)

Official – Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapter 19 – Miraculous Cicada


Of all things, it’s an unusual type of cicada that finally makes Rinnosuke go out and seek someone’s help to explain something. And not just anyone, for that matter.

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Gallery News

As most of you have probably noticed, the doujin archives have been inaccessible for about 12 hours now. Some of you may also have noticed that the site’s overall speed has been a good deal better in those 12 hours. These two facts are definitely related, which is what brings us to this topic.

The doujin archives here at are definitely among the most popular parts of the site; currently, about 80% of the “business” we do here is devoted to providing these doujins. This is becoming a problem, though, as the high demand for them is making the rest of the site suffer rather badly.

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Archive Revival

Thank you for your patience, everyone! While the gallery itself may not be back, the archive more or less is. For now, every file is going to be dumped in the same location until the admin figures out what to do. And here is that file dump:

The link has also been posted on the Touhou Wiki’s Comics page and Comics by Release page for other who visit there regularly.

If anyone would like to help redirect the zip links in the Touhou wiki to the proper address, you’re more than welcome to do so until the admin straightens out the plans and design for the archives.

Thank you for being patient m(_ _)m

Site Downtime

Apologies for the downtime! Our gallery software was causing some issues with the site, and at the request of our webhosting company, the gallery has been temporarily disabled while we work on fixing it.

The problem appears to be related to the pages being hosted individually, so we’ll be working on moving the gallery over to a format with covers/summaries/zip links in the coming days. Thanks for your patience, and we hope to have the zips themselves available for you again shortly!

Replay Uploader Update Redux!

For the second time in as many weeks, there’s been a significant update to the Touhou Project Replay Archive – match replays from IaMP and SWR can now be uploaded and archived! Check out the main upload page to add your own, or the updated Vs. Matches page to see what’s been added!

Many thanks to mauve for his assistance in breaking down the IaMP and SWR replay formats.

Replay Uploader Update!

Some long-planned changes to the replay uploader have been made; feel free to stop by and check it out here!

Read on for a full list of the changes.

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Happy New Year 200⑨!!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all your support in the past year, and we hope you look forward to this new year!

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Gallery Situation

Due to hosting issues, we’ve had to take down the gallery to bring the site back up. As of right now, none of the links in Gensokyo’s blog work since they link to the gallery pages and not the download links. To access the doujins please use the download links in the zip dump or the download links in the Touhou wiki:

Gensokyo zip dump (automatically updated by a program)

Touhou Wiki: Comics (updated as soon as projects are archived)

Please bear with us with the temporary setup, and we hope to have something setup in the future. Again, sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m

What of Gensokyo?

I’d like to take a short break for some site news and questions, if you’ll forgive me.

This is Halbarad (aka Yukari), the webmaster and admin here at I’m really pleased with the way the site has turned out so far; when I first picked things up I wasn’t sure how well it’d work to move some of the existing English Touhou resources to a new site, although given some of the changes that have occurred all around I’m glad we could help to pull a lot of the editing resources together in one place.

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Official Opening!


It’s’s official opening!

For those that have been visiting the site, thank you for being patient with us as we were getting setup! For those who are new (and possibly even regular visitors), here is a brief explanation of what you can expect from this site:

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