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Gaku Cirno de Mayo Update

As you might have noticed, we have been without updates for a long time. This is is part due to problems accessing the site and server, but also because translation and editing works have been going very slow as of late. So, at the current rate we are not going to be able to return to the bi-weekly update schedule. But we will still be updating on Sundays/Mondays wherever there’s new releases available, so please watch warmly.

In the meantime, to celebrate this ⑨th of May, we have one new release (although not a very Cirno-like one).

ZAZENBEAT – Ceramik Heart



A story by the collaboration group of Shako and Kemonomichi. An interesting Buddhist artifact appears at the Myouren Temple. However, behind it lurks a dark and almost-forgotten part of Hijir’s past.


Thanks to Monhan,  Paz Legalces and everyone else!

Gaku Update Delay Notice

Just a heads up: since we have only a few releases done by now, and quite a few more that just need some finishing touches, we are moving this update for next weekend.

See you soon!

Call for Quality Checkers (and others)

Do you have a good eye for details? A good command of Ye Moderne Englishe? Like to nitpick? Are you that person that’s always correcting their friends on the correct usage of  ‘whom’? If so…



We want YOU!

More specifically, for those of you who have the time and feel like indulging your Grammar Nazi side, we would like to ask  you if you’re interested in  helping with the QC of doujin works in the Magic Archive Voile (“Where the Gaku magic gets done!” TM) by doing things like checking for typos, edit mistakes, awkward phrasing, etc. Naturally, at least for the grammar-related parts, it would be better if you are either a native speaker or very proficient in  English. (And Grammar Nazi jokes aside, what we actually are after is constructive and open-minded suggestions.)

If you are interested, you can check on the Touhou wiki’s Potential Comics page, mostly in the Final Checks section, for projects in the QC phase.

Other than that, if you happen to know Japanese and want to help, just look in the same page for the (huge number of) translatable doujinshi, or just browse Voile to see if you find something you like. Then it’s just a matter of posting your translation on the relevant thread, updating the wiki page, and hopefully stick around to help the editors and QC’ers if needed.

And likewise, if you have some experience editing comics, you could also help by offering to edit one of the Available translated doujinshi in the same page.

And that concludes this call for collaborators. We hope you have a nice day and fly with Gaku Air again.

Replay Uploader Update

Hope everyone’s enjoying Ten Desires! The replay uploader has now been updated to allow uploads of TH13 replays. Due to the way 10D is currently working however, there are a couple of notes to keep in mind:

  • Spellcard practice replays are currently not detected correctly; they’ll show up as standard practice runs. We’re investigating whether we can get these auto-detected by the replay uploader; if this turns out not to be the case, the upload page will have fields added for you to mark the replay as a spellcard replay and state the card number.

We’re getting the gears moving on the patch process as well; we can’t give any kind of date for when it’ll be ready, but we hope to have the game in English for everyone soon!

UPDATE: ZUN has released an update patch for Ten Desires; you can get the patch here. The replay uploader has been updated to show the version of the game for the replay; older versions may or may not work in the patched version of the game. User replays are also working correctly now, so renaming replays should no longer be necessary.

Gaku-Touhou Archive Torrent Updated

The main archive for doujins has now been updated; you can click this link or on the tab at the top of the page to connect to the new torrent and download or help in seeding!

Note: If you’ve been a dedicated seeder, be sure to save the new torrent in the same directory as the old to decrease the amount you’ll need to download in order to seed the new torrent.

Once the torrent has been fully seeded, the archives will be reenabled with the last three release cycles’ doujin available for direct download. Keep an eye on this post for an update on this!

UPDATE: has been reopened, so you should be able to resume direct downloads of the past three releases.


Since, unfortunately, it turns out all of the doujins slated for release this time still need some tweaks or fixes, and  to avoid scheduling problems I would have had for the next update,  I’m postponing today’s update to next Sunday.

We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and hope you may rejoin us next week when regular service is expected to be resumed. Thank you for flying Gaku-Touhou.

Revenge of the Return of

Not much to report here, just that the server for direct download of doujins is back up and running. The last two releases (other than the most recent, since it was hosted on the backup site) are available for download still, with the exception of the complete Inabas archive.

Thanks for your patience!

Touhou Bougetsushou Licensed

As some may or may not know, there have been a couple of people working behind the scenes to license some of the official works. Through some pushing and pulling, we have finally gotten some headway and may be making our first official release soon!

Read more to see the whole story.

(Read the article)

Torrent Archive Update

The torrent archive for all of the Gaku back catalog has been updated; for all of our seeders, 1) thanks so much for helping us get the doujins out and 2) feel free to connect up to the new torrent here.

Thanks for your patience, and the direct download gallery should be up by this weekend with the two most recent releases still available – for older work, just select the files you want from the torrent.

Thanks again to everyone that follows our releases! downtime

As has happened in the past, the load on the gallery server for has increased to the point that it’s causing the entire site to respond slowly. As before, we’ll be moving our current crop of doujins – minus the past couple of releases – over to an archive torrent. Expect to see a post here within a day or two with the new torrent link, and we appreciate your patience while we get our updates completed.

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