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UFO English Patch v1.0 Released!


After much testing, the UFO English patch is ready for download – get your UFOs ready! This patch, as usual, updates all in-game dialogue and graphics to English; you’ll need to be sure that you’ve updated the full version of UFO to v1.00b – if you haven’t yet, grab the patch from the Team Shanghai Alice site here – see the post below for more details.

Once you’re up to date on UFO, simply run the patcher as usual; users of the previous colorblind patch shouldn’t have any issues installing over the existing files. The colorblindness option wasn’t included in the English patch, however, as the corrections ZUN made with v1.00b should correct any gameplay issues for colorblind players. You can download the patch (as usual) by clicking the image above, or by clicking on this link.

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UFO ver 1.00b Released!

ZUN has released a patch updating Undefined Fantastic Object to version 1.00b. A list of changes will follow henceforth:

– Fixed a bug where the game would crash when score exceeded 1 billion.

– Changed the color of red UFO pieces to be darker.

Short, sweet, and means people can score run the game now.  Since there are no gameplay changes, 1.00b is fully backwards compatible with replays and score.dat files from 1.00a.

The patch can be found here, on the Team Shanghai Alice website for the game, just in case you missed the first link.  Download th12_update100b.exe, run it, and point it at the directory containing the game.  Batteries not included.

UFO Colorblindness Patch v1.0 Released!


With the release of UFO we have started work on the English patch, but in the process one of our testers commented that the game itself can be rather hard for those that are colorblind due to the red and green UFOs looking rather similar (as seen above). With that in mind, we’ve decided to release a quick patch that changes the green UFOs in game to yellow; it’s not the most elegant looking thing for those that have normal vision, but it does make the two much easier to distinguish for those with colorblindness.

This patch does not modify game text or graphics in any other way, so those users who wish to leave the game in Japanese can install it without worry of any other changes to the game. For English users, we’ll include an option to install the colorblindness modification when the English patch is released (hopefully very soon!), so you might want to hold off on installing this patch until then, just to make the English patch installation simpler.

You can download the patch by clicking on the image above or on this link.







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Touhou 12 Announced

It’s Reitaisai season, and we all know what that means: new games.

This afternoon,  ZUN officially announced the release of the twelfth game in the Touhou franchise: 東方星蓮船 ~Undefined Fantastic Object. (Hereinafter referred to as UFO.)

Full translation from ZUN’s blog:

Commemorate! Touhou Project No. 12: Touhou Seirenbune

Well, scratch that. Don’t commemorate. Touhou Project No. 12:

“Touhou Seirenbune ~Undefined Fantastic Object.”

It feels the same as always, but I’ve fixed and balanced scoring. It’s fairly challenging.

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