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Mountain of Faith English Patch v1.00a

Just a small update to the English patch with a few fixes.

Download it here or by clicking the screenshot from the original patch announcement. See below for changelog.

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Mountain of Faith English Patch v1.00

It’s taken us a while to get here, but we’ve finally completed the English patch for Mountain of Faith! Click on the image above to download the file, then install away! Read on for a few patch notes.

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News from ZUN!

ZUN has updated his blog, with information that isn’t JUST about beer!

…although the beer does come first.

Of note for fans, ZUN does announce his intention to release a patch for Mountain of Faith, although there’s no real estimate of when the patch will be out other than “soon”. Following the patch, though, he’ll be starting work on the next game.

In addition, he will be appearing at a lecture at Hitotsubashi University on November 3rd, speaking about serialized games (and how Touhou is not one of them!) More information about the lecture can be found on the sponsor’s home page:

ZUN’s blog can be read here.

Thanks to Solamarle, Pilpsie, and furball for assistance with translation.

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