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UFO Colorblindness Patch v1.0 Released!


With the release of UFO we have started work on the English patch, but in the process one of our testers commented that the game itself can be rather hard for those that are colorblind due to the red and green UFOs looking rather similar (as seen above). With that in mind, we’ve decided to release a quick patch that changes the green UFOs in game to yellow; it’s not the most elegant looking thing for those that have normal vision, but it does make the two much easier to distinguish for those with colorblindness.

This patch does not modify game text or graphics in any other way, so those users who wish to leave the game in Japanese can install it without worry of any other changes to the game. For English users, we’ll include an option to install the colorblindness modification when the English patch is released (hopefully very soon!), so you might want to hold off on installing this patch until then, just to make the English patch installation simpler.

You can download the patch by clicking on the image above or on this link.







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Replay Uploader Update Redux!

For the second time in as many weeks, there’s been a significant update to the Touhou Project Replay Archive – match replays from IaMP and SWR can now be uploaded and archived! Check out the main upload page to add your own, or the updated Vs. Matches page to see what’s been added!

Many thanks to mauve for his assistance in breaking down the IaMP and SWR replay formats.

Replay Uploader Update!

Some long-planned changes to the replay uploader have been made; feel free to stop by and check it out here!

Read on for a full list of the changes.

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IaMP English Patch Out!

It’s finally here! After months of work, a few hardworking, dedicated IaMP fans have finally graced the general community with the final version of the English IaMP patch. You can get it here.

Also released with it is the final version of the netplay client Cowcaster, which you can obtain here.

Currently, the group has no plans to translate Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Enjoy!

Touhou BGM Changer

A new tool that allows you to change the BGM for all of the Windows Touhou games has been released!

Touhou BGM Changer

The editor will allow you to supply new BGM tracks for any of the Windows games; the tables on the page give more information about the looping points in each track, to help you make the new BGM loop seamlessly.

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