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Great Fairy Wars English Patch v1.1

The first revision of the Great Fairy Wars English patch is now complete. This corrects several errors; you can find a full changelog below the break. Download the patch from this link; you can simply install it over your existing patch installation to update the files.
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Great Fairy Wars English Patch v1.0 Released!

Great Fairy Wars English Patch

What’s that? Something special about today? The date, you say? Oh, is it the STRONGEST day?

Then what better day for an English patch starring everyone’s favorite ice fairy? Version 1.0 of the English patch for Great Fairy Wars is here! You can download it by clicking on the image above, or on this foxhole.

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Maristice English Patch Released!

As we put on our fatigues and head into the Great Fairy Wars, we’ve got a patch ready for a release from Comiket 77 – a doujin game by the title of Maristice. Patchouli’s had enough, and to make sure she’ll have no more trouble from Marisa she’s confiscated our favorite black-white witch’s hakkero and broom – which prompts Marisa to start her quest to retrieve them.

A puzzle-based isometric platformer, Maristice is a tribute to the NES classic Solstice. For more information, check out the maker @N-Factory’s website. Click on the image above, or on this link to download the patch.
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SWRS English Translation Is Go!

TH12.3 - SWRS English Translation Patch

The English translation for Touhou Hisoutensoku is complete! You can download it at this link, or head over to the new patches section for additional patch notes – check the tabs at the top of the page or click on this link to get there.

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UFO English Patch v1.0 Released!


After much testing, the UFO English patch is ready for download – get your UFOs ready! This patch, as usual, updates all in-game dialogue and graphics to English; you’ll need to be sure that you’ve updated the full version of UFO to v1.00b – if you haven’t yet, grab the patch from the Team Shanghai Alice site here – see the post below for more details.

Once you’re up to date on UFO, simply run the patcher as usual; users of the previous colorblind patch shouldn’t have any issues installing over the existing files. The colorblindness option wasn’t included in the English patch, however, as the corrections ZUN made with v1.00b should correct any gameplay issues for colorblind players. You can download the patch (as usual) by clicking the image above, or by clicking on this link.

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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody English Patch v1.0

SWR English Patch

After several months of hard work by a group of dedicated translators, editors, and programmers, the English patch for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is finally available! To download, just click on the image above or on either of the mirror links below.  Just make sure to have SWR itself updated to the latest current version (1.06); you can download the patch from Tasofro’s website here.

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PoFV and StB English patches released!

Today, we have a doubly important scoop for the entire Touhou community at large! Not one but TWO translation patches have been released: Shoot the Bullet and Phantasmagoria of Flower View!

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MegaMari English Patch 1.0 Ready!


It’s a bit slow on the patch front for the time being while we wait for UFO and SWR, so MegaMari turned up as a “why not”?

Click on the image or this link to download the installer.

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IaMP English Patch v1.1 Released

An update to the English patch has been released with some minor fixes. View the rest of this post to see a list of the changes.

You can download the patch here. More information can be found on this page at the IaMP wiki.

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Subterranean Animism English Patch v1.00


It’s taken us… actually not all that long to get here, but we’ve completed the English patch for Subterranean Animism! Click on the image above to download the file, then install away! Read on for a few patch notes.

NOTE: The patch has been updated to 1.00a; if you’ve had issues with the game locking up with a black screen on startup, download the latest version of the patch and reinstall. This update also fixes a translation error in Ending No. 03.

NOTE 2: The MoF patch has also been updated with the same black screen fix; if you’re having the same issue with it, redownload the patch from the original post or from here.

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