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Touhou 14.5 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo English Patch

We’re happy to bring you news of the release of the English patch for Touhou 14.5 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo, the fifth and latest Touhou fighting game from a ZUN/Tasofro collaboration. So, although these girls never really needed a good reason to try to beat the crap out of each other, at least now you can have a better idea of why they are doing it this time. 😛


Release details

So, congratulations and kudos to brliron, Riatre, rr-, Clarste, Gamer251, Splashman, thcrap team, Wiki Fairies and everyone else for their work!

Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade English Patch

Since we are in kind of a lull in terms of doujin releases, seems like a good opportunity to announce the release of the Touhou 13.5 English translation patch, developed by the folks at MotK.

You can download the patch as an executable or zip file. And it will also be available at our Game Patches section.

A big thank you to brliron and everyone else who worked on this patch.

And have fun with your Touhou fighting, now in understandable form!

English Patch Updates (x2)

Two small updates for translation patches are finished, for MariAli 2 and SWR.

The MariAli 2 patch has been updated to version 1.0a; this update simply updates the English patch to work with version 1.05a of the game.

For SWR, the update is to version 1.1a; this should correct some issues that have been seen when launching the game on some 64-bit systems.

For both patches, simply install the patch over the existing patch already on your system.

MariAli 2 English Translation Patch v1.0

We’ve got another game patch ready for you today; this time, it’s for Marisa and Alice’s Trap Tower, AKA MariAli 2, from desuno.

MariAli 2 English Translation

You can download the link by clicking on the image above, or on this link if text takes your fancy instead. As usual, read past the break for more information about installation.

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Hellsinker English Patch v1.1

Just a small bug fix patch; you can download the patch at this link.

This update corrects some minor typos in the manual, corrects a texturing bug in stage 8, and fixes an issue with the hs_pad.exe configuration tool. To install, follow the same steps for the original patch; if you’ve already installed 1.0, you can simply install the new patch directly over the old one.

Hellsinker English Patch v1.0 Complete!

The Death is waiting for you. Please don’t disappoint him.

Hellsinker English translation patch

We’ve taken a break from Touhou games to translate another doujin shooter: Hellsinker, released by the circle Ruminant’s Whimper at Comiket 72. For those that have run into it before, it’s notable for the complexity of the game’s systems and for the near incomprehensible Engrish that features in many of the game’s graphics.

With that in mind, we’ve completed translation of the in-game text and the HTML manual accompanying the game. The existing “Engrish” graphics have (for the most part) been left as is since they’re a part of the game’s charm, but the actual story elements have been translated into English – although it’s arguable how much sense the story makes even in Japanese, so consider yourself warned. Read on past the break for more information on installation.

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Remidoki English Patch v1.0

After a long wait, the English translation of Remidoki – the full title being Ojousama no Dokidoki Daisakusen – is complete and ready for download! The game is a sidescrolling puzzle-based 2D platformer, released by Blue Mica at Comiket 78 in 2010. We’ve been working on the patch for some time, and it’s finally ready for release! You can download the patch at this link, or by clicking on the image above.

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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Translation Patch v1.1

As with Hisoutensoku, Tasofro has recently released an update for the standard version of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. We’ve updated the patch accordingly; you can download it at this link. Make sure that SWR is updated to version 1.06a before attempting to install the patch; you can get the game patch from Tasofro’s webpage at this link. You can find a full changelog for this patch after the break.

Ten Desires English Patch ver. 1.0

Ten Desires English Patch

The English patch for Ten Desires is ready!

You can download the patch by clicking the image above (or on this link). You’ll need to be sure that Ten Desires is updated to version 1.00c; you can download the game update patch from ZUN’s website (here) if you need it.

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SWRS English Patch v. 1.1a

The Hisoutensoku patch has been updated for compatibility with SWRS 1.10a, after the recent patch release by Tasofro; we’ve updated to patch a couple of bugs with the 1.1 translation patch. Minor fixes have been included; you can get a more complete list after the break.

To download the patch, click this link.

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