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Flash Update 2007/11/15

Okay, here’s the first Flash update! What you should expect in this is all the latest Touhou works done on flash, obviously.

Lucky☆ Star parody

First up, we have this surprisingly well done parody of the well known intro to Lucky☆ Star, though instead of featuring school girls, they have been replaced with the Three Mischievous Fairies of Eastern and Little Nature Deity fame.

Lucky Star Parody 1

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Suika’s Drinking Problem

There’s a new flash over at!

Another flash by KirbyM and displaying a little “adventure” Suika’s going through to overcome her “alcohol addiction.” Click here to view it.

Also, the make-you-own-Touhou-character creator has been updated again. Click here to create your own character.

Welcome to Reimu Burger

Click here to view!

KirbyM at Walfas creates yet another brilliant Touhou flash! Reimu figures she doesn’t get enough donations (or any at all) for the shrine so she opens up a fast food joint instead. What kind of chaos ensues? Click to find out.

KirbyM’s Obligatory Touhou Flash

KirbyM over at Walfas released a new Touhou flash. It’s a typical-run-of-the-mill Marisa and Patchouli confrontation but still contains your typical KirbyM cuteness to it. Here it is!

Create Your Own Touhou Character Flash Update

KirbyM from Walfas has updated his Create Your Own Touhou Character flash. He’s added quite a bit this time around. There’s Lily White, Lily Black, a set of wings, a FOE, new face, and expression to boot. For those who aren’t familiar with what this is, it’s a little flash that allows you to create very cute looking Touhou characters. You are able to mix and match hair, clothing, accessories, etc. Keep up the good work, KirbyM!

Click here to play with it.

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