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Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~ English Patch

We’re happy to announce we’ll be hosting an English translation patch for the Touhou fangame Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~. A plataformer-style game by Marecha, starring the Scarlet Devil Mansion folks.


Touhou wiki page

Official game site

So, congratulations and kudos to brliron, Heartnet, TwilightsCall, Kuilfrayt, Zhelot and everyone else for their work!

English Patch Updates (x2)

Two small updates for translation patches are finished, for MariAli 2 and SWR.

The MariAli 2 patch has been updated to version 1.0a; this update simply updates the English patch to work with version 1.05a of the game.

For SWR, the update is to version 1.1a; this should correct some issues that have been seen when launching the game on some 64-bit systems.

For both patches, simply install the patch over the existing patch already on your system.

MariAli 2 English Translation Patch v1.0

We’ve got another game patch ready for you today; this time, it’s for Marisa and Alice’s Trap Tower, AKA MariAli 2, from desuno.

MariAli 2 English Translation

You can download the link by clicking on the image above, or on this link if text takes your fancy instead. As usual, read past the break for more information about installation.

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Remidoki English Patch v1.0

After a long wait, the English translation of Remidoki – the full title being Ojousama no Dokidoki Daisakusen – is complete and ready for download! The game is a sidescrolling puzzle-based 2D platformer, released by Blue Mica at Comiket 78 in 2010. We’ve been working on the patch for some time, and it’s finally ready for release! You can download the patch at this link, or by clicking on the image above.

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Touhou Tabletop RPG Translated

Have you ever thought about how it would  be nice to be able to play a pen & paper RPG in the Thouhou universe, complete with spellcard and danmaku battles? If so, congratulations, you’re the same kind of nerd as me! You’re also in luck, because that’s exactly what we have here today:

Touhou Danmaku Yuugi -Flowers-

Alternate link.

A RPG published in back 2007 by D-Vent, with rules for building loliTouhou-style characters with not only different races, abilities and skills like any RPG, but also with their own spellcards with customized danmaku spreads .

And even if you are not really into RPGs, it is still worth checking it out, since the book is gorgeously illustrated by seven different artists including some famous Touhou illustrators like Katzeh and Tokiame. (And who knows? You might find out that you do have an interior RPG nerd after all.)

A big thanks to Touhou Gamer, Kasanip, Mizuko, Wally, Iced Fairy, Gnome! and Nameless Fairy, who worked into translating and editing this game.

MegaMari English Patch 1.0 Ready!


It’s a bit slow on the patch front for the time being while we wait for UFO and SWR, so MegaMari turned up as a “why not”?

Click on the image or this link to download the installer.

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PatchCon English Patch v1.0

Brought to you by a nameless fairy from the Touhou Image Boards, a PatchCon…patch!

The patch translates the prologue, ending, extra mode descriptions, and abilities of your troops. Make sure to open the readme included in the pack for installation and contact info for feedback. Credits go to a hacker fairy, Emarrel for image editing, and a translator fairy!

Click the image to start downloading!

Reitaisai 5 Releases

It’s that time of year again— Reitaisai Season.

Seems everyone’s releasing something this year; it’s the first time Reitaisai is going to be at the Big Sight. A much larger venue than last year’s means an overwhelming increase in participation.


First off, we have the two biggies:

Twilight Frontier has announced the release of Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. You can read more about the release announcement here.

Team Shanghai Alice has announced plans to release a demo of Touhou Chireiten~ Subterranean Animism, the 11th game in the Touhou canon. You can read more about this here.

Finally, on the doujin game front, the final version of Marisa & Alice (Mariari) will be released by Desunoya.

Read on to see what else we’ve learned.

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MARIARI v0.85 released!

The newest version of Marisa and Alice, 0.85, is out, featuring a few gameplay tweaks and the addition of another world.

Your goal, as Shanghai, is to guide a blindfolded (blind-hatted?) Alice to Marisa. Using your mouse to guide the doll, you can control Alice’s movement, and manage a variety of blocks and obstacles.
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Upcoming Game: Dreamer’s Party

Dreamer’s Party Logo



Several people have had a problem with this download, having it end prematurely, therefore use the following.

Alternative Download:

Dreamer’s Party is what you get if you stick Touhou in a blender with an RPG. It’s a 2D based shooting game using the WASD keys for movement, and the mouse for aiming.

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