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Gaku 2018 Update

New Year, new update! And for those of you who are still recovering from the festivities, or just lazing around the internet on 1st, we have 5 new releases to start the year with. So without delay, let’s get started with an appropriately themed one…

Rice – Year End Cheerful Greeting


It’s New Year and Mokou’s house has been destroyed in one of her and Kaguya’s fights. What’s to be done?

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Gaku Treat not Trick Update

BOO! Gaku is back just in time for Halloween, and like the title says, you’re all definitely in for a treat. Not only are many of our six new releases Halloween- or spooky-themed (but largely on the funny side), but we also two new translation of long-running comedy author Tako. So, even if you are not out trick-or-treating dressed in a Sexy Grumpy Cat costume (or whatever kids are doing these days), you are still getting your share of sweet doujin candy to enjoy!

Shounen Shoujo Brigade – Trick or Treat



Flandre learns about what Trick-or-treating is all about… and of course gets it all wrong.

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Gaku Not-Winter Is Coming Update

We’re back! Just in time to receive Autumn (or Spring)! And this time we brought you six new releases. Besides 3 more Yakumi Sarai (Youkai8 is on a roll with Zounose works), we have some old-fashioned works from classic groups like Clash House and Fusuma teahouse, plus the conclusion of DELI-TRE’s Moon River. So, hope you enjoy these as you get ready to receive the new season.

Clash House – Sweet Scarlet



Flandre has a private request to Sakuya, and Remilia isn’t handling it so well.

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Gaku Zounose again (and more) Update

So, once again we have an update full of Yakumi Sarai. You can then expect the usual mixture of fun, drama, and occasional morbidness. But for good measure, this time we also have a release by Red Vanilla with a good old Marisa x Reimu theme. So, as always, we hope you enjoy.

Yakumi Sarai – Datenshi



What’s Tenshi to do when she becomes a literal fallen angelcelestial?

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Gaku’s Very Zounose Update [Updated]

We are back with more releases, with the “catch” that this time they are all by Zounose, author of the Yakumi Sarai Circle. For those who are already familiar with their work and expecting the usual fare of shock and gore (and the not-so-occasional cannibalism), well, you are not exactly wrong, but these are mostly on the lighter side of their fare, and there’s even some light-hearted comedy thrown in for good measure!  So, be prepared for the occasional shocking scene, but otherwise enjoy!

(Update to the Update: We forgot to include one of the releases, Shirogane Edge. It’s now included after the break.)

Yakumi Sarai – Dragon Killer



Meiling cuts a surprisingly heroic figure in this story, but just why is she so hungry lately?

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Gaku Lent Update

So, we are now in the period before Easter where contemplation and self-restraint are called for… but only if you are a devout Christian, which the people in Gensokyo definitely aren’t. So expect this update to be full of sin, grudges, violence, gluttony and other unholy feelings. All in all, a lot of fun to be had if you are reading about it!

DELI-TRE – Moon River – Part 1


A side-story to DELI-TRE’s Eternity Crying Bird, focusing on Keine.

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Gaku 2017 Update

So, it took some time again, but we are back for another year, and with  another update! This one with 6 releases, including ones from Personal Color, DYNAMO and Fuantei. And as usual, there’s the mix of funny, serious, touching, lovey-dovey, or just plain outrageousness. So, something for everyone, we can bet. Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned, next update will probably come sooner rather than later!

Personal Color – The Book-moving of Wonderland


A mishap during a seemingly simple procedure at the SDM’s library brings into some other famous fantasy characters to it, especially one Alice can relate to.

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Gaku Post-Halloween Update

So, after a long absence, we’re back! Just in time to… err, miss Halloween. But hey, on the bright side, it means you’re still getting a treat, even a couple of days after. And it’s quite a treat, we have six new releases, including classic circles like DYNAMO and Mizutataki, with both funny and serious one. And to begin, let’s start with a”spooky”one…

That Other Crowd – Thunder is scary


Ran wasn’t always a strong and brave shikigami. In fact, her reaction to thunderstorms was probably worse than many kids’.

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Gaku Hourai-lympics Update

We’re back with another update, right when the Rio Olympics start going underway! And while unfortunately we don’t have any sports-themed doujin to release, we do have something nice for the Mokou fans out there. Two doujinshi centered around the Hourai immortal, one with the typical Mokou/Keine pairing, and one with unlikely but well-done focus on her and Chen. So, reach for the gold, immortal birds!

Morino Hon – Sonomama



Mokou is going through her regular day when a nekomata youkai literally falls onto her with a complicated situation to deal with.

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Gaku My Goodness Look at the Time Update

Things are still slow, but we are back with another update nonetheless. Two new releases, including one by one of the most traditional Touhou doujin circles, Personal Color.

But rest assured that we have more being worked on, and hopefully we can get you more releases soon. In the meantime, hope you enjoy these!

Personal Color – Ascending at Dawn


Kokoro gets involved with one of Gensokyo’s traditions, and ends up learning a lot about both Gensokyo and herself.

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