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Another Dream 6B Release!

Yep, the artists have kept on drawin’ and they’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff for you good folks to enjoy. Please give it a read in your spare time!

AD6 Cover

Click here to download the release!
Alternate link.

Two art compilations and five comics in this issue. Thanks to all the artists who made it possible!

Another Dream 6A has been released!

Another Dream 6A front cover

It’s been a long time since we’ve rock and rolled, but here we are again! Another Dream is back, and release 6A bring 9 new stories for your reading pleasure! A couple are continuations of 5A submissions, but most are brand spanking new, so whether you like continued plots or simple shorts, we’ve got it.

With new releases come better formatting, as well! A grave oversight in the 5A release, Another Dream 6A comes with both a Table of Contents and a set of Bookmarks, making it easier for the reader to find what they want to read and jump right to it.

Big thanks to UsuallyDead, Eclair, and all other authors and artists involved in this release! Another Dream would be sorely lacking without you!

Click here to download the release.

Another Dream 5B has been released!

Another Dream 5A Cover

Another Dream 5B is finally here! There are 2 artwork collections, 4 comics, and 1 game demo. Please enjoy, and thanks to everyone for their work!

Click here to download the Release only

Click here to download Story of a Lost Sky v. 0.3.0 Demo only


Another Dream 5A has been released!

Another Dream 5A Front Cover

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! Another Dream 5A has been released, and it’s a goodie, with 9 (count ’em) quality pieces of fanfiction! You’d best push aside any pre-conceived thoughts of the quality of fanfiction, as the stories contained herein are all quite enjoyable and certainly of a much higher quality than your standard poor-grammar wishful-thinking-pairing lemon. For those that enjoy AD for its art, Erroneous Paradisaical Inception, Scarlet Memories and Imperishable Memories of the Heart all contain excellent artwork to enhance your reading experience (to say nothing of the wonderful cover pages!).

Click here to download the release. (Many thanks to UsuallyDead for hosting!)

Mirror Link

Another Dream 4 Released!

Hello everyone! Another Dream 4 has been released and this time, it’s quite big (as you can probably see from the artist list and title list). It’s been a long six-to-seven months since our last release in February, but it’s here now. Quite a bit of new fan-made material this time. Titles this time around are Bizarre Tale: Makai Cursed Comedy, FeiXiangTian, Imperishable Night Easy Mode, Mokou vs Kaguya Short, Rhapsodic Night Fever, Sakuya’s Secret, Scarlet Flow, Shadow of Cirno Chapter 3, and This World Artbook.

Click here to download the Release Only (Updated).

Click here to download the Arrange Album only (mp3 version).

Click here to download the Arrange Album only (flac version).

Another Dream 3 Released!

Another Dream 3 has been released. Lots of Western artists have contributed this time around. Some returning, some new. There’s a decent amount of new fan-material made. The titles this time around are Prelude to a Tranquil Spring, Love Coloured Puppeteer, Shadow of Cirnobyl Chapter 2, Awareness of Passing Clouds, Dreamer’s Phantasmagoria, Unusual Spirit Memorial, A Touhou Valentine, Usually It Doesn’t Turn Out Like this.

You can check out the doujins within the gallery.
For a quick link to the arrange album by Solamarle included in the issue, you can get it here.
The full zip can be found here.

And please be sure to check out the Another Dream website.

Another Dream Issue 2

It’s a little late, but Another Dream Issue 2 has been released!

If you’re new to what Another Dream is, it’s a Western Touhou doujin circle that anyone can contribute to. It’s not limited only to manga doujins but includes artwork, music, and games! For more details, please check Another Dream’s site or visit the forums.

Click the image below for Issue 1:

Another Dream Issues can also be found in the gallery as the group releases their works.

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