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Gaku 2018 Update

New Year, new update! And for those of you who are still recovering from the festivities, or just lazing around the internet on 1st, we have 5 new releases to start the year with. So without delay, let’s get started with an appropriately themed one…

Rice – Year End Cheerful Greeting


It’s New Year and Mokou’s house has been destroyed in one of her and Kaguya’s fights. What’s to be done?

Yakumi Sarai – Happy Birthday, Remilia


Not knowing when Remilia’s birthday is means it can be anytime. But if you take that to the logical conclusion…

Yakumi Sarai – Foolish Tengu Raid


Aya is not happy about these new mountain women, and wants to undertake some really rash actions.

That Other Crowd – Jasen-chan said “Everything’s gonna be alright!”


Ran finds herself pestered by the wicket Taoist hermit KaJasen-chan, who insists in offering her shady services.

Sacred Spell – The Key to the Distantly Near World


Patchouli gets talking, and pondering, about the meaning of her existence.


Thanks to arcrenciel, Youkai8, Paty, Nameless Fairies and everyone else!


  1. MIDC
    January 2nd, 2018 | 11:56 pm

    ( ^ _ ^ )/ : The update’s lookin’ great! Thank you very much!! To everyone on this site, here’s to a good fulfilling year!

  2. UminoSaki
    January 7th, 2018 | 4:10 am

    Thanks for the updates! Happy New Year to y’all!

    …Please translate atleast one Sanae x Aya doujin. Please…

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