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Gaku My Goodness Look at the Time Update

Things are still slow, but we are back with another update nonetheless. Two new releases, including one by one of the most traditional Touhou doujin circles, Personal Color.

But rest assured that we have more being worked on, and hopefully we can get you more releases soon. In the meantime, hope you enjoy these!

Personal Color – Ascending at Dawn


Kokoro gets involved with one of Gensokyo’s traditions, and ends up learning a lot about both Gensokyo and herself.

Sonoteido – Love Love Love you very much Satori-sama



Satori’s lap seems to be one of the most disputed places in Chirei, and her pets won’t relinquish access to it easily.

Thanks to arcrenciel, natural-log and everyone else!


  1. BadOnion
    July 10th, 2016 | 8:51 pm

    Hurray for an update :)

  2. outsider
    July 11th, 2016 | 1:49 am

    thank for your work, guy

  3. Mack
    July 11th, 2016 | 12:01 pm

    Never die onegai

  4. mint
    July 11th, 2016 | 11:41 pm

    dude nice work!

  5. aruya
    July 13th, 2016 | 10:15 pm

    nice work guys keep the work up

  6. Malachai
    July 14th, 2016 | 8:48 am

    You’re back!

    What is dead may never die.

  7. Lupo
    July 15th, 2016 | 12:38 am

    Huzaaah! finaly. never gave up on this page!

  8. az
    July 15th, 2016 | 11:18 pm


  9. zqq
    July 15th, 2016 | 11:42 pm

    Not related to this work, but a few years ago you guys did “Soga no Tojiko will not talk” and I found it on dynastyscans here . But it seems like there was another chapter or something, and do you know if anyone ever translated that? Thanks a bunch.

  10. MIDC
    July 23rd, 2016 | 11:10 am

    ( ~ ; v ; )~ : Hooray~ You’re back~!

  11. siesta34
    August 4th, 2016 | 4:28 am

    Thank you so much for another update, guys! It´s been so long since I have read a book from Personal Color. Easily a favorite. Thank you again!

  12. Nietz
    August 7th, 2016 | 4:03 pm

    Yes, unfortunately, we haven’t got around to translating that next part ourselves.

  13. zqq
    August 9th, 2016 | 2:46 pm

    Thank you so much, I’m just glad it exists.

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