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Gaku Doldrums Update

Seems it’s still kind of slow times here at Gaku. But still, we have five new releases for you, including the now almost obligatory Neko no Sakegoto, a rather long compilation of Nikutama Soba’s okami-Mystia stories, some yukkuri-age throwback strips and more. Hopefully still enough to entertrain you while the release rates doesn’t pick up!

Nikutama Soba – Night Sparrow in Love – The Complete Volume


The collected stories of Nikutama’s famous food stand tending version of Mystia and her feelings for the local charcoal dealer. (Read the article)

Gaku Moving Update

Well, it wasn’t easy to make time for the update in the middle of moving out (current furniture: a futon, a chair, and two cardboard boxes). But this one is already a week late, so better get going to it! And we have some good releases this time, so I hope you enjoy!

Blue – Prayer


Chireiden’s lonely satori fgets hold of an strange item left there. That leads to her coming in touch with someone rather unexpected. (Read the article)

Gaku Update Delay Notice

Just a heads up: since we have only a few releases done by now, and quite a few more that just need some finishing touches, we are moving this update for next weekend.

See you soon!

Eine Kleine Gaku Update

No, no, I won’t be interspersing this update with semi-random German words, you can rest easy about that. But in any case, here is another smallish update, but also including some pretty good releases of mixed genres (comedy, slice-of-life, romance, drama, etc.).

So, I hope you all are feeling the sensation of looking forward to an update and seeing it has arrived (there must be a word for that in German…).

Water Cushion – Kaguya and Love in the Fog


Rumour  has it that one of Kaguya’s Impossible Requests has been fulfilled, so nuptials are in order. Mokou is understandably upset by the news.

(Read the article)

Le Petit Gakú Update

Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs. Or maybe it’s bonsoir? Anyway, here’s another Gaku Update for you. It’s not as big as the latest ones, but c’est la vie. Still, we have seven new releases, including from some popular Touhou bande dessinée doujin authors, so we hope you enjoy.

Also, merci beaucoup for your response to the call for QC collaborators!



Oui, it’s Vivit Gray and it’s not MokoKeine (though they do make a cameo). To be fair, this time it was not Shinoasa who wrote the script. And so we have an unlikely Sanae x Aya (SanAya?) pairing, to which even our tengu reporter is not trés comfortable with.

(Read the article)

Call for Quality Checkers (and others)

Do you have a good eye for details? A good command of Ye Moderne Englishe? Like to nitpick? Are you that person that’s always correcting their friends on the correct usage of  ‘whom’? If so…



We want YOU!

More specifically, for those of you who have the time and feel like indulging your Grammar Nazi side, we would like to ask  you if you’re interested in  helping with the QC of doujin works in the Magic Archive Voile (“Where the Gaku magic gets done!” TM) by doing things like checking for typos, edit mistakes, awkward phrasing, etc. Naturally, at least for the grammar-related parts, it would be better if you are either a native speaker or very proficient in  English. (And Grammar Nazi jokes aside, what we actually are after is constructive and open-minded suggestions.)

If you are interested, you can check on the Touhou wiki’s Potential Comics page, mostly in the Final Checks section, for projects in the QC phase.

Other than that, if you happen to know Japanese and want to help, just look in the same page for the (huge number of) translatable doujinshi, or just browse Voile to see if you find something you like. Then it’s just a matter of posting your translation on the relevant thread, updating the wiki page, and hopefully stick around to help the editors and QC’ers if needed.

And likewise, if you have some experience editing comics, you could also help by offering to edit one of the Available translated doujinshi in the same page.

And that concludes this call for collaborators. We hope you have a nice day and fly with Gaku Air again.

Gaku Snowed Update

So, both Japan and North America have been getting some crazy snowstorms lately. But even if you happen to be feeling like you’re in a “Meanwhile in Finland” image macro, at least now you have this 9 new releases to entertain you. Of course, if you are getting scorched by the summer heat in the South hemisphere, or even lucky enough to be somewhere with a fair weather, you’re still welcome to enjoy them.

Millet Soup – Voluptuous Shanghai Doll!!


Due to magical mishaps, Alice’s usually small and silent doll gets a quite grown up body. And now she’s eager to talk to her best friend from her doll days. (Read the article)

Gaku Regular Plus Update

Okay, there’s nothing particular unique about today’s update… well, except for the fact that, in before we had some releases form popular classic circles, now we have a lot of releases by both old (ANGELTYPE, Asatsuki-dou, Millet Soup) and new (Carcharias!, Neko no Sakegoto, Ryusuitei…) ones. One way or another, it’s a bunch of great stories, so I hope you enjoy!

Carcharias! – Soga no Tojiko Will Not Talk – Chapter of Happiness – Former Part


The first part of the fourth installment in this surprisingly deep of Tojiko’s backstory. Stricken with anger, grief and jealousy, and tempted by Seiga’s devilish allure, Tojiko soul is close to a breaking point. (Note: Some adult themes.) (Read the article)

Gaku Paired Update

And so we begin a new year of releases, glad to see you again!

And to begin this year we have an update that, oddly enough, seems to have a lot of releases in very particular pairs. There’s two old and famous Touhou circles getting translated again after a long while, two releases about learning Taoism, two with detailed dessert recipes… there’s only one about Alice though (isn’t it sad, Alice?). But actually, we can say that they are all mostly on the fun side (not to say hilarious) with some cuteness and romance involved. So here’s to a good 2014!

Rocket Fuel☆21 – Lover of Moonlight Night


Though it’s not recent, it’s the first Aki Eda release we have in a long time. And it features nothing less than Reimu and Marisa’s bickering relationship at its best. (Read the article)

’twas the Gaku Update Before Christmas…

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you had all a tolerably good last year. But in any case, to help with your end-of-year cheer, Gaku-Touhou-hou-hou is here with 8 new releases that go back and forht between hilarious and nonsensical, with just a faint hint of drama and/or seriousness in them. So, we hope you have fun, and see you again next year! (Next update will be Jan 12th, by the way.)

Neko no Sakegoto – A Spell To Make You Warm!


Youmu manages (although by accident) to score a date with Yuyuko, but then she has to desperately seek help on what to do on it. (Read the article)

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