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Gaku Post-Halloween Update

So, after a long absence, we’re back! Just in time to… err, miss Halloween. But hey, on the bright side, it means you’re still getting a treat, even a couple of days after. And it’s quite a treat, we have six new releases, including classic circles like DYNAMO and Mizutataki, with both funny and serious one. And to begin, let’s start with a”spooky”one…

That Other Crowd – Thunder is scary


Ran wasn’t always a strong and brave shikigami. In fact, her reaction to thunderstorms was probably worse than many kids’.

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Gaku Hourai-lympics Update

We’re back with another update, right when the Rio Olympics start going underway! And while unfortunately we don’t have any sports-themed doujin to release, we do have something nice for the Mokou fans out there. Two doujinshi centered around the Hourai immortal, one with the typical Mokou/Keine pairing, and one with unlikely but well-done focus on her and Chen. So, reach for the gold, immortal birds!

Morino Hon – Sonomama



Mokou is going through her regular day when a nekomata youkai literally falls onto her with a complicated situation to deal with.

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Gaku My Goodness Look at the Time Update

Things are still slow, but we are back with another update nonetheless. Two new releases, including one by one of the most traditional Touhou doujin circles, Personal Color.

But rest assured that we have more being worked on, and hopefully we can get you more releases soon. In the meantime, hope you enjoy these!

Personal Color – Ascending at Dawn


Kokoro gets involved with one of Gensokyo’s traditions, and ends up learning a lot about both Gensokyo and herself.

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Gaku Cirno de Mayo Update

As you might have noticed, we have been without updates for a long time. This is is part due to problems accessing the site and server, but also because translation and editing works have been going very slow as of late. So, at the current rate we are not going to be able to return to the bi-weekly update schedule. But we will still be updating on Sundays/Mondays wherever there’s new releases available, so please watch warmly.

In the meantime, to celebrate this ⑨th of May, we have one new release (although not a very Cirno-like one).

ZAZENBEAT – Ceramik Heart



A story by the collaboration group of Shako and Kemonomichi. An interesting Buddhist artifact appears at the Myouren Temple. However, behind it lurks a dark and almost-forgotten part of Hijir’s past.


Thanks to Monhan,  Paz Legalces and everyone else!

Gaku Ides of March Update

Reports say that 2016 is fully underway now, but we seem to have hit another lull in the pace of finished works to release. Still, let’s hope that unlike for Julius Caesar, mid-March doesn’t end in any unfortunate event for us. Hopefully we will have more releases for the next update, but for now we hope you enjoy the one we have, which happens to continue the SDM streak our releases have been having recently.

Yunorime – Let’s Meet in a Dream



Two Saku x Mei stories in this Yonurime and Encore 62°C collaboration. Both about intriguing dreams involving Sakuya.


Thanks to arcrenciel, Neko Kaze and everyone else!

Gaku Leap Day Update

So, every four years the lingering inconsistencies between the solar system and the Gregorian calendar grant us an extra day to enjoy to the fullest. Or maybe to regret to the fullest, especially when it also happens to be a Monday. In any case, we have a small offering of two releases to help celebrate this small occasion. As it so happens, they are also both SDM-centric, as in the last update. So, hope you enjoy!

Autumn Drizzle Shrimp – Pack



A couple of stories about Sakuya’s time in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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Gaku Scarlet Carnival Update

So, this time we have three new releases for you, and all of them centered on the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This includes not only one of the latest Dog Sakuya stories by ANGELTYPE (with a interesting twist this time), but also two older collaboration works (one from the ancient date of 2006) containing two stories each, all of them about our favorite vampire mansion. So, hope you enjoy this little vampire carnival!

(Next update on the 29th.)

ANGELTYPE – Sakuya-san and Dog Sakuya-san



We all know about Dog Sakuya, but now you’re telling me she exists at the same time as the real one… what?

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Gaku Update

Was your Touhou-sense tingling? If so, you might actually have doujinshi-based superpowers, because we do have a new update right here for you. Four new releases this time, including one by veteran circle Fusuma Teahouse, and the latter part of DELI-TRE’s Eternity Crying Bird saga.

So, go ahead and enjoy, but remember, with minor powers comes minor responsibility!

Fusuma Teahouse – The Hero Is Wriggle!


Reimu decides to retire from her main character position, and Wriggle gets chosen as the unlikely substitute. Now she has to learn what being a protagonist is all about.

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Gaku Twenty-Sixteen Update

So, we’re finally back for this new year, and for the first update of 2016, we’re bringing in five new releases, including more Three Fairies by Clash House, Ameyama’s Telegraph weird and creepy (wreepy?) epic of an alternate Gensokyo, a Marisa vs. Yuuka fight by military otaku Imizu, and more. So, here’s hoping for a good year, in Touhou stuff and everything else.

Clash House – Three Fairies ~Little Stone Heart~ Vol.2


After Koishi showns up, the situation with Kokoro starts to get tense again, much to the Fairies’ frustration.

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Gaku End of Year already? Update

Wow. Time like the Touhou girls, sure flies, doesn’t it? We are already getting to the end of another year, and although the amount of releases we have to offer hasn’t been too large lately, we still have two new ones for you, including one by Inaba of the Moon and Earth artist Arata.

So, we hope you enjoy these, and that you have some great holidays. See you next year then!

(Oh, and if you haven’t, don’t forget to check out the release of the Touhou 14.5 English patch we are helping host.)

(Note: Next update planned for Jan 10th. (Actually, in the 11th.))

Ara Mode – Love Library


Arata brings his own touch to the classic scenario of the witches’ love triangle playing out in the SDM library.

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