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Gaku Onesie Update

So, things have been slow again lately, so we only have one new update today. But as usual, it’s a pretty good and funny one, with some everyday life stuff in the SDM almost veering into surrealism.

So, hope you enjoy!

Somehow Alive – Another Peaceful Day at the Scarlet Devil Mansion


No big incidents or anything at the SDM today, so the residents (as well as some visitors) engage in a spirited debate about red peppers (or is it paprika?).


Thanks to Neko Kaze, Danbooru and Voile Fairies and everyone else!

Gaku Post-Halloween Update

So, today’s update missed Halloween by a couple of days, which is probably just as well, since there’s nothing particular spooky in the three new releases we have. But there is a sweet and funny story by Millet Soup, an old (but Nazrin and Kogasa-centric as usual) one by DYNAMO, and the second part in the Bond-tastic named stories about Sakuya’s past by S+y. So, hope you had your fill of spooky this last weekend and can enjoy these ones now!

(Note: Next update will be around the 22th.)

Millet Soup – Filled With Lots of Love


Shinki comes visiting Alice and proceeds to be embarrassing in the way only moms can.

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Gaku 20 Years of Touhou Update

Maybe you’ve heard about it already, but just yesterday ZUN commemorated the 2o years of Touhou (reportedly, with one liter of booze for each year). So, congratulations to Touhou Project for reaching (Japanese) adult age! (See “liters of booze”above.) We hope they reserved at least a toast to a certain shrine maiden that’s been running around resolving incidents for all this time.

And although we would like to have more releases at hand for this occasion, we still have two good ones, one by the famous and prolific circle Millet Soup, an another by master of feel-good slice-of-life Show & Tell.

So, here’s to Touhou Project, ZUN, and the Gensokyo girls.  (*゚▽゚)つ凵

May there be at least 20 more years ahead!

Millet Soup – The Princess is a Witch


Remilia finds Patchouli eating a ton of her most hated food, but her protests fall against a very elaborate and fanciful situation Patchy conjures in order to “test” her friend’s loyalty.

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Your Friendly Gaku Update

So, it’s one day late, but we have a new update, with four new great releases, including a new Three Fairies doujin by Hirasaka Makoto. Plus, more MokoKeine from Vivit Gray, Reisen misfortune from Mizutaki, and the first part of a Sakuya flashback story from S+y. Hope you enjoy!

Clash House – Three Fairies ~Little Stone Heart~ Vol.1


The Three Fairies of Light are at it again getting involved in other people’s business, and this time they meet a certain menreiki girl that’s not very good at social situations.

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Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~ English Patch

We’re happy to announce we’ll be hosting an English translation patch for the Touhou fangame Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~. A plataformer-style game by Marecha, starring the Scarlet Devil Mansion folks.


Touhou wiki page

Official game site

So, congratulations and kudos to brliron, Heartnet, TwilightsCall, Kuilfrayt, Zhelot and everyone else for their work!

Gaku Six-Shooter Update

After the recent string of small and less frequent update, we fortunately have a bigger one this time! And this one has a typically epic Chado story, a somber one from Chomoran, and four chapters of a SDM daily live manga from Uni Mate (including one in CYOA format). So, we hope you enjoy these!

Tohonifun – Heian Capital DeLorean


Due to some magical mishaps, Byakuren’s ship and crew end up back in ancient Japan. And now they must make sure things happen as they are supposed to and find a way to generate 1.21 gigawatts of energy so they can come back.

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Gaku ( ̄△ ̄;)Update

So, unfortunately even after 3 weeks, we don’t have a lot in terms of finished works to release. Just one, in fact. OTL

It’s mostly because we currently have a lack of active editors, so if you want to help, even if you’re a beginner, take a look at the available doujins with translation done and see if any of those interest you.

Bu anyway, the one release we do have for today involves more Nazrin-centered shenanigans from DYNAMO, so I hope you enjoy it!

DYNAMO – Heart-Pounding Great Battle


Nazrin gets her first chance in a long while to relax in a bath together with Shou. But with a setup like that, you just know something zany is going to happen to interrupt them…


Thanks to arcrenciel, Winter Sun and everyone else!

Gaku Introspective Update

Sorry about the late update, Real Life kept butting in and all. But anyway, we have three more updates this time. And while they are not particularly sad,  they’re mostly about thoughts and feelings, with some moodiness thrown in. All in all, not a bad idea for “cooling down your soul” if you’re still suffering from the summer heat.

(Note: Next update is planned for the 30th.)

DYNAMO – Overflowing, Blooming


Koishi’s actions and expressions keep causing Satori grief. So eventually Orin has to step in as a translator of sorts between the sisters.

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Gaku Summer Heat Update

They say the Summer heat can make people a little crazy sometimes. And this update sure has it’s share of people acting crazy, weird, or just regular hot and drowsy. So, whether you are suffering from the heat or not, I hope you can enjoy what we have today: the conclusion of Once in Ten Mistakes’ Muted Afterglow drama, another Naz-centric doujin by DYNAMO, and a short but funny Patchouli story by Ishikiri.

Once in Ten Mistakes – Muted Afterglow Latter Part


Marisa goes increasingly desperate in searching for the missing Rinnosuke, and starts taking some rash actions.

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Gaku Darkly Dark Update

Again not that many releases this time. Two of them, in fact. First is another chapter of Forbidden Scrollery, and second is a story about Kisume so dark it makes Yakumi Sarai’s stuff seem lighthearted. So, hope you enjoy these two, and that we can have more for the next update.

Official – Forbidden Scrollery Chapter 3


Reimu and Marisa are still going after the mysterious smoke from the previous chapter. But the whole thing turns out to be a lot more tiresome than they expected.

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