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Gaku Back to School Update

So, after the holidays and vacations, it seems it’s time for most people to go back to school (or work) again. And it looks like it’s no different for us in Gaku. After slow times around New Year’s we have now nine new releases for you. Even some quite emotional and intellectual ones, to help get your mental shape back in order.  But a lot of light and funny ones to relax after that too. And what you know, there’s even a conveniently New Year-themed one…

Clash House – Gensokyo’s New Year’s Eve


Well, New Year’s Eve is a couple of weeks in the past now, but let’s take a look at how the Gensokyo resident’s spent theirs.

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Gaku 2015 Update

It’s day 5 of 2015, but it look like we are still in holiday mode, so not many new releases were ready for this update. Still, two is better than  nothing, so I hope you enjoy these, and Happy New Year!

DYNAMO – Sugar Eater


Despite being small, Nazrin is a big eater. But when she starts neglecting proper meals in favor of sugar, it starts affecting her attitude.
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Twelve days of Gakumas Update

Ho-ho-ho. Have you boys and girls been nice or naughty this year? Actually, it doesn’t matter, Santa Gaku is pretty liberal about giving gifts to everyone!  And to make this early Gakumas even better, we not only have eight  new releases, but more than half of them are by former official SaBND artist Hirasaka Makoto, who goes back to drawing the fairy trio and tell us how he think they might have met. The other releases in this update are no lightweights either: there are one by Blue, Yonurime and Tsukiyou Gensou to close up this Tohounnukah update. So, happy reading and Happy Holidays! (We might come back around either the 28th or 4th, depending on stuff.)

Clash House – Three Fairies Vol. 1


The Fairies first reunion starts when one day Sunny happens upon a fellow fairy with very un-fairy-like interests.

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Gaku のヮの Update

We are back, with three more releases. Not that much, but then again, the first one includes all five chapters of a series. Still, there’s a lot of epic fighting, relationship drama and even a dose of teh lewds to go with this update, so we hope you enjoy!

10 Squid Tentacles – Daiyousei vs Cirno


After getting a position as a main character in Fairy Wars, the fame goes up to Cirno’s head, and causes a serious rift in her friendship with Daiyousei. The results end up being more serious than anyone could expect.
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Gaku Update is Back

Hi there! Still slow times around here, but we are back, even if with a small update. So here’s three (actually four) cute stories for you to relieve any Touhou withdrawal syndrome you might have. Enjoy!

Rireba – Bittersweet Blue


Something is wrong with Akyuu’s supposedly perfect memory, and she things it’s related to Keine. But what kind of memory would be so problematic?
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Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade English Patch

Since we are in kind of a lull in terms of doujin releases, seems like a good opportunity to announce the release of the Touhou 13.5 English translation patch, developed by the folks at MotK.

You can download the patch as an executable or zip file. And it will also be available at our Game Patches section.

A big thank you to brliron and everyone else who worked on this patch.

And have fun with your Touhou fighting, now in understandable form!

Gaku Lone Child Update

Yeah, things have been slow around here lately, so in the end we only have one release done for this update. But instead of postponing the update, we decided to go ahead and post our latest Wild and Horned Hermit release. So here’s hoping Kasen and Co. can keep you a nice company during the slow times.

NOTE: It’s terribly vexing, but it was pointed out that there’s a missing page in the translation. So we’ll take offline for a couple of days to get it fixed. Sorry about that. OTL

It’s fixed! Thanks for waitingwatching warmly!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit – Chapter 15


Gensokyo is right in the middle of Winter, and Reimu feels more like hibernating than caring for her shrine. Maybe Marisa and Kasen can get her to come up with something. But should they?


Thanks to Mae and everyone else!

Gaku Typhoon Update

At the typhoon Vongfong comes to Japan, we at Gaku are still braving the elements to bring new dojinshi to your doorstep (well… metaphorically speaking, that is). Unfortunately, there’s not a lot in this update, only three releases. But one of them is a new work by none less that Touhou manga-ka celebrity  Aki Eda, not something that we see a lot laltely. So we hope you enjoy.

Rocket Fuel★21  - Congratulations! – Marriage Short Story


Aki Eda’s first Touhou work in a long time, and she definitely takes the chance for a nice fantasy fulfillment regarding her favorite characters as brides. (Read the article)

The Update Formely Known as Gaku

So, one more update, this time with four new releases, including more happy flame time 4-koma goodness, and epic tokusatsu-style story starring Meiling, another kind of epic battle with Chen and Youmu and a short feel-good story with everyone’s favorite hell pets.

happy flame time – People Who Relax and People Who Run


Some Gensokyo residents are more relaxed than others. But everyone has their own way to spend their time.

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Gaku Maiden’s Heart and Autumn Sky Update

Autumn is arriving soon in the Northern hemisphere, so let’s hope we all can get a respite form the Summer heat (or from the Winter cold down south). But whether the weather is good or not, at least you have now these five new releases to enjoy. And judging by most of them, it sure looks like romance weather right now.

Neko no Sakegoto – I Want To Tell You That I Love You!!


Youmu and Marisa get together to discuss their love woes once again. But it seems this time they have decided to be radically frank about their feelings?

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