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Gaku ( ̄△ ̄;)Update

So, unfortunately even after 3 weeks, we don’t have a lot in terms of finished works to release. Just one, in fact. OTL

It’s mostly because we currently have a lack of active editors, so if you want to help, even if you’re a beginner, take a look at the available doujins with translation done and see if any of those interest you.

Bu anyway, the one release we do have for today involves more Nazrin-centered shenanigans from DYNAMO, so I hope you enjoy it!

DYNAMO – Heart-Pounding Great Battle


Nazrin gets her first chance in a long while to relax in a bath together with Shou. But with a setup like that, you just know something zany is going to happen to interrupt them…


Thanks to arcrenciel, Winter Sun and everyone else!

Gaku Introspective Update

Sorry about the late update, Real Life kept butting in and all. But anyway, we have three more updates this time. And while they are not particularly sad,  they’re mostly about thoughts and feelings, with some moodiness thrown in. All in all, not a bad idea for “cooling down your soul” if you’re still suffering from the summer heat.

(Note: Next update is planned for the 30th.)

DYNAMO – Overflowing, Blooming


Koishi’s actions and expressions keep causing Satori grief. So eventually Orin has to step in as a translator of sorts between the sisters.

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Gaku Summer Heat Update

They say the Summer heat can make people a little crazy sometimes. And this update sure has it’s share of people acting crazy, weird, or just regular hot and drowsy. So, whether you are suffering from the heat or not, I hope you can enjoy what we have today: the conclusion of Once in Ten Mistakes’ Muted Afterglow drama, another Naz-centric doujin by DYNAMO, and a short but funny Patchouli story by Ishikiri.

Once in Ten Mistakes – Muted Afterglow Latter Part


Marisa goes increasingly desperate in searching for the missing Rinnosuke, and starts taking some rash actions.

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Gaku Darkly Dark Update

Again not that many releases this time. Two of them, in fact. First is another chapter of Forbidden Scrollery, and second is a story about Kisume so dark it makes Yakumi Sarai’s stuff seem lighthearted. So, hope you enjoy these two, and that we can have more for the next update.

Official – Forbidden Scrollery Chapter 3


Reimu and Marisa are still going after the mysterious smoke from the previous chapter. But the whole thing turns out to be a lot more tiresome than they expected.

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Gaku Brightly Dark Update

Another small update this time, but in any  case there’s two more releases for today’s update. A both funny heartwarming one and by Autumn Drizzle Shrimp (Shigure Ebi), plus one by Yakumi Sarai that, while still having a level of grim, is definitely not as dark a their usual fare.

Autumn Drizzle Shrimp - That day, the star is born


Marisa is out to steal precious things again, but unlike Alice, the SDM folk are having none of it. And Sakuya does in fact get some very precious experiences thanks to it.

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Gaku Is Back Update

So, we’re finally back after a long period with no new material to release. And it’s still not that much this time, but the three releases we do have are pretty solid (and big) ones by famous circles Vivit Gray, Morino Hon and Blue.

So, hope you enjoy! (And by the look of things, we do plan to be back with another update in two weeks. Let’s hope there’s no problems.)

Vivit Gray – Wonderful Mine Treasure


In a departure from Vivit Grays usual KeineMoko, this time the story is about the witch trio going Indiana Jonesin’ down an abandoned mine in search of magical treasure.

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Gaku Week of Gold Update

So, yes, it’s Golden Week in Japan again. And as the country starts the week in holiday mode, we have a new update for your, even though it’s a smallish one. But on the bright side,  we have finished translating all of the Girls’ Specialty anthology, you get not only the last story, but the whole compiled anthology. Plus, there’s also another gorgeous work by Kemonomichi, and for last a doujin that’s likely to screw your mind.

[Notice: Again due to lack of material we have to unfortunately postpone the next update. We will announce here when the next update date is decided.] [Update: New update (albeit a small one) on the 14th.]

Anthology – Girls’ Specialty


The complete anthology, with 9 stories of the Gensokyo girls presenting their own food and drinks of choice.

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Gaku Resurface Update

So, after a prolonged lull, we have a few more releases this time around, including a new WHH chapter and a new Millet Soup doujinshi. And more are in the works so hopefully next update will feature even more. For now, we hope you enjoy these four new ones!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 16


Upon request, Kasen brings a very special sake to the shrine’s flower viewing party, but the results are not only rowdier than expected, but also raise many questions about the hermit’s true nature.

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Gaku Lonely Easter Update

We still haven’t got many works ready to release, but since we didn’t update last week, at least we wanted to release for you the one that we have. And it’s a pretty big and good one by DELI-TRE too. And it’s just the first part on what looks like an epic of Mokou’s backstory. So well, we hope our Easter offering even if it’s just one eggdoujin.

DELI-TRE – Eternity Crying Bird – First Part



Thanks to arcrenciel, Mae and everyone else!

Gaku Rush Hour Update

[Notice: Due to lack of new works ready to release, next update is tentatively rescheduled  for next weekend.]

Things have been a little hectic, so I guess it’s better to just get to the updates we have today. Not that many, but some pretty good ones, the obligatory SDM-themed Millet Soup and MokoKeine by Vivit Gray.

So, without further ado.

Millet Soup – This is My Librarian!!


A story about how Patchy acquired the services of a cute, energetic and loyal (if not all that bright) librarian just after she arrived at the SDM.

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